Toddlers and kid friendly recipes

Some recipes from my blog that are nutritious and are pleasing to the kids…They are fast to cook and hence ideal for working mom's too....


1.Spinach soup

2.Noodle soup-Kids get their share of fun having noodles and moms can pat themselves for put in all those veggies in the soup!

3.HariraA yummy lentil-tomato soup from Morocco

4.Yummy cabbage soup

5.Carrot Lentil Soup

6.Country Vegetable Soup

7.Pumpkin Soup

8.Chinese style Noodle soup

9.Cauliflower Soup

10.Tofu Soup with Moong Noodles - Goodness of Tofu withcrunchy bean sprouts

11.Bonda Soup - Urad dal fritters in a lentil gravy / soup

12.Curried pumpkin soup - Colourful and full of health

13.Vegetable Pasta Soup

Breakfast ideas

1. Ragi porridge- Finger millet porridge, one of the best weaning food that can also be given to older children.

2. Idli - Easy to digest for the lil one.Smear a little ghee over idli for a calorie rich and tasty breakfast

3. Uthappam-Thick crepes with vegetable toppings

4. Nutri chapathi - Chapathi with oats

5.Vegetable chapathi - A nice way to sneak vegetables into the meal.

6.Coriander parathas-Tasty parathas with a mild coriander flavor.

7. Aval upma -Iron rich preparation of pressed rice/poha

8.Ragi Sevai - Finger millet noodles

9. Buckwheat noodles with vegetables -Colorful noodles with vegetables

10.Sesame vegetable noodles-Calcium and nutrient rich noodles

11.Bread upma -Bread upma for a change with vegetables

12. Ven pongal-Nutritious combination of cereals and pulses

13.Kande pohe-Iron rich breakfast dish

14.Seyal pav-A sindhi dish with buns and veggies

15.Buckwheat poori-Kids favorite poori loaded with nutrients

16.PJ sandwich-A delicious sandwich with peanut butter and jam

17.Tangy aval upma

18.Multi flour dosa with tomato sesame chutney

19.Masala chapathi with vegetables

20.Moroccan Spaghetti-Spaghetti with Lentils

21.Farfelle Al'arrabbiata Pasta in spicy tomato sauce

22.Barley Adai-A nutritious and interesting breakfast

23.Mere Lazywala Maggi

24.Masala Methi parathas

25.Full of fiber pasta

26.Masala Idli-Idli jazzed up with a hint of spice

27.Tofu Stuffed ParathasSoft parathas with tofu filling

28.Vegetable Lentil SevaiVegetables and lentils in steamed rice noodles

29.Vegetable Aval UpmaIron rich dish with lots of veggies

30.Vegetable toast & Egg-less masala toastHealthy bread recipes

31.Paneer Parotta

32.Chapathi wrap with Chinese style vegetables

33.Mirani Kichidi

34.Koolu dosai/Horsegram dosa/Horse gram crepes

35.Daal Pakwan-Crispy pooris with dal

36.Vegetable Hokkien Noodles

37.Purple cabbage-Tofu parathas

38.Vegan Pad Thai-Noodles with tofu and veggies

39.Soya Cornmeal Dosa

40.Tofu Masala Roast

41.Instant Kambu-Oats Dosai

42.Yummy and colorful Palak Parathas fit for lunch boxes.

43.Healthy Oats Idli

44.Galettes De Sarrasin French Buckwheat crepes loaded with veggies sauteed in butter

45.Colorful and nutritious Vegetable Paneer Paratha

46.Chettinad Dosai- A twist in the traditional dosai

47.Protein rich Soya bean Dosa

48. Easy to digest and healthy Sprouted Moong dosai

49. An ever favorite Indo Chinese Vegetable Hakka Noodles

50.Ghee roast/Nei dosai- A sweet and crispy dosa

51.Kollu Idli-Horse gram idli - A healthy addition to normal idli

52.Instant Ragi Dosai - Calcium rich dosa

53. Instant Oats Coriander Idli - Coriander flavor is bound to be appetizing.

54. Oats Pongal - A healthy variation to the usual Pongal.

55. Chinese Chilli Garlic Noodles - for older childrenice way to use leftover bread and get kids to eat bread ...

56. Tadka Bread with Yogurt Dip - Nice way to use leftover bread and makes a delightful breakfast / snack for kids

57. Vegetable Adai - Another way to make children eat vegegtables

58. Palak Poori - Delicious green pooris

59.Beetroot Chapathi

60.Colorful And Healthy vegetable Parathas

61.Beetroot Poori

62.Fruity Breakfast Crunch

Wraps are a delight to children and they would even love to take it to school!!!

1.Fruit Wrap - Goodness of cereals and fruits
2.Chapathi wrap -An Indianized Frankie
3.Veggie Wrap - Crunchy wrap with succulent cucumber
4.Falafel wrap

Main dishes – Apart from the regular rice preparations, try these, for they are rich in Iron and Calcium.They are great to pack in lunch boxes too.

1. Curry leaf flavored rice

2. Sesame seed flavored rice

3.Cabbage rice

4.Samabar sadhamA medley of rice+pulses+veggies

5.Methi Matar PulaoColourful rice with peas and kasuri methi

6.Kollu Paruppu Podi sadham -Horsegram-lentil Spice mix with seasoned rice

7.Tofu Peas Pulao

8.Chinese fried rice

9.Vegetable Pulao and chutney raita

10.Chickpea Rice / Chickpea Pulao and bread raita

11.Purple Cabbage Rice-Purple colored rice to bowl them over!!

12.Purple Cabbage Rice with Paruppu Podi with a protein punch

13.Carrot Rice with Flaxseed spice mix

14.Spring Onion Fried Rice for a variety in the lunch box

15.Corn Pulao- A mildly spiced pulao

16.Tawa Pulao


1.Chaats are always very popular with kids but since we are not sure under which condition the street food is prepared,its always a safe bet to make these at home.Try these chaats as a snack or for a kiddie get together...

A.Bhel Puri
B.Pani Puri
C.Bread Chaat
D.Channa Chaat
E.Aloo Channa Chaat
F.Batata Wada and Vada Pav
G.Pav bhaji
H.Green peas Chaat
I.Masala Pav
J.Dahi Papdi Chaat
K.Aloo Paneer Chaat
L.Sev Puri Chaat

Here are some other snacks kids will enjoy...

2.Tit bits -Crunchy wheat snacks

3.Bread pizza sandwich-Children can make their own pizza at home!

4.Bread thayir vadai-Another delicious way to include curd in the meal

5.Ulundhu vadai-Lentil fritters

6.Susheela - A snack made with puffed rice

7.Kuzhi paniyaram -A chettinad mini wonder

8.Sweet poha - Iron rich sweet tasting snack

9.Vegetable bonda-A medley of vegetables in a crisp coating!

10.Palak PakodaSpinach Fritters

11.Mandakki Usal

12.Sweet potato mash with goji berry

13.Sabudana / Sago Vada

14.Namak Pare

15.Paruppu vadai with herbs-Crispy lentil fritters with herbs

16.Falafel-Crisy snack from the Middle East

17.Punjabi Samosa-Yummy samosa with potato and peas filling

18.Kollu paruppu masal vadai - Horsegram - lentil fritters

19.Healthy Vegetable Burger to add fiber to the diet

20.Khandvi- A tasty non-fried snack

21. Savory Oats Snacks - A snack with the goodness of Oats.

22. Chilli Tofu - Vegan Chilli Paneer- a snack that kids will love.

23. Chinese style potato Vegetable - A snack or a side dish in Chinese style

24.Chinese sesame Tofu - A tasty way to include protein in the diet.

25.Sprouted Green Gram Fritters

26.MW khaman Dokhla

27.Spicy Cauliflower Fry

28.Sev / Oma Podi

29.HOmemade Poopcorn

Milk and milk products -

1.Cheesy pasta - All time kids favorite with lots of cheese

2.Fruity yogurt - A delightful combination of mango and yogurt

3.Curd aval-Pressed rice in seasoned curd.

4.Curd rice - Helps keep you cool

5.Colorful beetroot raita - Beetroot in seasoned yogurt

6.Shahi Panner Kofta Masala to go with poori / chapathi

7.Restaurant style Paneer Butter Masala


1.Ell urundai-An iron and calcium rich preparation

2.Instant oats halwa - Oats halwa in a jiffy[Microwave version]

3.Coconut payasa -A yummy kheer with coconut

4.Instant milk halwa - Easy dessert prepared in a microwave

5.Badam Kheer

6.Makhana Kheer

7.Ras MalaiFloating paneer balls in a creamy nutty milk base

8.Banana Halwa

9.Kaala Jamun

10.Coconut kheer

11.Flavored milk

12.Microwave Gol Papdi

13.Carrot Phirni-For those bright and shiny eyes!

14.Varo |Praline with mixed nuts

15.Instant Microwave Egg less Banana Nut cake- A tasty cake with banana , raisins and lots of nuts.

16.Fried Banana- Batter fried banana chunks

17.Microwave Eggless custard powder snack cake

18.Shrikhand- An exotic dessert from Western India loaded with nuts and saffron

19.Simple yet tasty Maida Cake / Maida Burfi

20.Shondesh - A Bengali delicacy

21.Pista Shondesh - Bengali Shondesh laced with crunchy pista

22.MW Eggless chocolate brownies - Yummy after school treat

23.MW Eggless Dates cake - An Iron rich snack

24.Colorful MW green peas dokhla

25.Microwave Dates Fugde - Easy to prepare and rich in Iron and calories

26.Microwave Eggless healthy oats cake with custard sauce - Kids will love this healthy cake

27.Rose flavored Agar Agar pudding-Easy to prepare and kids will love it for the color and flavor

28. Shakkar Paara - Kids will love these sweet mini bites

29. Bhadang - Puffed rice snack

30. No bake Oats Cookies

31.Suruttai Poli

32.MW Fruit n Nut Cake with Oats


1.Apple sauce for toddlers

2.Mashed sapota with milk for the little one.

3.Water melon slush

4.Herb lemonade - An appetizing drink

5.Banana in rich coconut sauce-A Vietnamese dessert

6. Banana milkshake

7.Kiwi banana milkshake

8.Kiwi banana shake

9.Strawberry banana milkshake

10.Apple Milkshake

12.Strawberry milkshake

13.Gajar ka dhoodh

14.Apple saffron Rabri-Creamy rabri with the goodness of apple

15.Fruity yogurt # 2-Mixed fruits in a tub of yummy blueberry yogurt

16.Chocolatey banana tofu smoothie-With all the flavors that kids love!

17.Strawberry Tofu smoothie

18.SPB shake As sweet as the name

19.Choco oats and banana milkshake All the goodness with a choco flavor.

20.Pomegranate Juice

21.No cook fruit and nut squares

22.Banana Peanut butter Smoothie

23.MW Eggless Apple Cake - The Lil one will never know there's apple in the cake!!!

24.Dragon fruit salad- a salad that kids will fall in love with

25. Dragon Fruit Sorbet instead of the store brought ice cream

26. Guilt free Banana Ice cream - Easy to prepare ice cream.

27. Oats Banana Dragonfruit Milkshake - Benefits of cereal and fruits

28. Oreo Cookies Milkshake- Kids favorite Oreo cookies in a milkshake!

28.Dragon fruit banana smoothie - A delectable smoothie with bluberry flavored yogurt and fruits.

29. If kids find sugar juice too sweet, try it as Sugarcane Juice Sorbet

30. Apple Frapple- Apple and ice cream in a delicious milkshake form.

31. Grapes Sorbet - Cool and refreshing

32.Bonda Juice - Tender coconut juice

33.Banana Relish

Well,don't you agree with me that these recipes are sure to be a hit with your children!!Do try them out....

Happy cooking...