Chinese Sesame Tofu

If you have been following my posts for sometime, you must be aware about my love for tofu. It is a bland stuff that fits into anything that it is added to. And that’s the reason I am in love with it.

This dish is a starter that is unbelievably simple and gets done in a matter of minutes. If you are not a fan of tofu, try it with paneer.

I used:

Firm tofu – 1 block
Corn flour – ½ a cup [ or more]
Soya sauce – 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Sesame seeds for coating- around ½ a cup[ or more]
Oil for frying.

1.    In a bowl take corn flour, soya sauce and salt. Add water and prepare a batter of coating consistency. [First make a batter of cornflour and soya sauce .Check for salt as some brands of soya sauce may be salted. If needed add later.]
2.    Cube the tofu into fingers.
3.    Heat oil for frying
4.    Dip the tofu pieces in the batter and roll it over the sesame seeds.
5.    Deep fry till golden brown. Drain well.
6.    Serve hot with tomato sauce and spicy vinegar sauce.

I made a batch of sesame tofu fingers following the procedure above and I found the sesame taste to be over powering. So for the next batch, I added a little sesame to the batter and proceeded as above [and skipped coating the tofu with sesame]. I liked this version better of the two. There was still a crunch from the sesame seeds yet not too over whelming

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