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The Story of A Quick And Easy Spinach Soup and The Art of Transfiguration

I know that's a pretty lengthy title but I just couldn't help!So in order to save you of the misery of reading a long post,I am making it short...

I am a die-hard fan of Harry potter! I was first introduced to this boy wizard when I went to visit my cousins[twin boys in high school].My aunt and uncle would leave to work and my cousins to school.I was bored to death and by the end of the second day was literally begging my cousins to accompany me to some library.

They exchanged wicked looks and took me upstairs .I wondered what was in store for me but they surprised me with a whole collection of Harry potter series- 5 of them actually. As a person who loves books, I immediately started with Harry potter and the Philosopher’s stone. I was hooked on to it. I read the series night and day and even re read them several times until I almost knew the pages by heart! I loved Harry potter that much. After the other parts were out, I dutifully read them too.

Being such a fan of Harry potter, it is but my duty to use the magic skills in my kitchen too, don’t you think!

One fine day the ‘Art of transfiguration’ was used on the family members of my family and guess what happened!!!! Oh by the way here is the definition for anyone who is not familiar with that charming wizard…

Transfiguration is the art of changing of the form and appearance of an object and the vanishing of objects.

You are not thinking that I transformed hubby in form and appearance and made him vanish into thin air, are you?!!!I am not so mean but I did play this magic on something else.

The other day I had prepared spinach stir-fry but there were no takers! I did not have the mind to throw it out so I transfigured it into soup!!! Now you get the point, rite.I changed it in form [stir-fry to soup] and appearance [solid to liquid] and made it vanish-this part was performed by the dear people at home. What was expecting doom in the dustbin vanished as soup into hungry tummies.

Now I have deconstructed the recipe so that you need not take the trouble to transfigure anything.Here is quick spinach soup recipe that is tasty and pretty easy!

I used:

Spinach- 1 bunch ,roughly chopped
Moong dhal-2 tablespoons
Garlic-3 pods,minced
Ginger- a small piece,minced
Onion-1,small chopped
Cumin seeds-1/2 a teaspoon
Vegetable stock
Oil-1 teaspoon.
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat oil in a pressure cooker and put in onion, garlic, ginger. Sauté for a few minutes till onion is soft.
2. Put in spinach and moong dhal and a little vegetable stock.
3. Cover and pressure cook for 10 minutes.
4. Cool and puree.
5. Heat oil in a pan and put in cumin seeds.
6. When it crackles, put in the puree and more stock to get the desired consistency.
7. Bring to boil.Add salt and pepper and serve hot.

Simple yet wonderful result!!!!

Sending it over to Usha's "Healthy Inspirations Event-Soups"

Goodness guide:

Spinach as we know is a good source of Iron and loads of vitamins that is so very good for our body.It provides protection against osteoporosis,heart diseases,colon cancer,arthritis.It promotes healthy bones ,gastro- intestinal health ,better vision and reduces age related decline of the brain's function.

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