Ever since I published a post on bananas ,its been raining bananas in my house.People who visit me bring loads of fruits and in that there is a dozen or two bananas!!! With so many bananas sitting at home, I prepared a simple milkshake and served it to all my visitors.I could see a welcome relief on their their faces[they expected I would be serving them tea/coffee!]Drinking hot tea/Coffee during this summer is a punishment.But there are many who still can't live without their daily doses of these hot drinks and there are still others who feel they are a part of the crowd 'only' if they sport a bottle or two of famous areated drinks.I hope this trend changes soon and people turn to healthy alternative.

Anyways,preparing banana milkshake is no big deal.Just blend chopped bananas with cold milk and a little honey/sugar and serve immediately.

You can reserve a few pieces of banana slices and place tham at the bottom of the serving glasses and top them with milkshake and serve.Children will love to spoon-out the banana pieces.

You can even add a few pieces of deseeded and chopped dates when you blend banana and milk...Your Banana-Dates milkshake is ready!!!

Another way to finish off bananas is to slice them and put them in a vessel and pour milktill the pieces submerge[add sugar if you want]. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours and enjoy the cold banana and milk on a blazing noon.

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