Mashed Sapota With Milk

I usually feed my lil angel with juices or milkshakes on a daily basis.Last week when I visited the fruit market ,I found the sapota [Sapodilla/chikoo] being sold so cheap and they were looking so luscious.I immediately got a kilo and decided to prepare a simple milkshake.

There was an unscheduled power-cut that particular day and my dreams of a chikoo milkshake vanished.

I took one chikoo and cut it into half and removed the seeds.
Scooped out the pulp and mashed it .
Mixed with a little milk and served it to lil angel.

My!Was she delighted!!She enjoyed the new texture-it was a little lumpy and delicious,I guess.Thanks to the power cut else I would have never tried this chikoo mash.

It's good to know more :

Sapota also known as sapodilla or chikoo,is an exceptionally sweet tasting fruit.It is low in saturated fats,sodium and cholesterol and high in Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C .100grams of sapota provides approx. 347 calories.

This simple treat goes to my event Tasty Bites for toddlers

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