Strawberry Milkshake

Summer heat is becoming so unbearable that I just can’t think of stepping out during the day. The evening are much cooler though. So that’s time we venture out. But I desperately need something to cool me when I am at home and I made an easy milkshake today.

Growing up in a hill station has its own benefits. The cool climate,tourists spots that we get to visit more often than the others,and of course growing your own strawberry patch. Mom’s friend gave us a small sapling and I planted it at the far end of the garden. I watered it and watched over it like it was my life. Slowly it grew and flowered. I was the happiest girl seeing them flower coz none of my friends had a strawberry patch! The flowers turned into fruits and I waited for them to ripen. Every morning before going to school, I would go to the patch and look under the leaves to see if they have ripened. Mom would often say I was going to miss my school bus if I stood there watching them grow.

Then finally, the fruits turned red and juicy and I sat there basking in the happiness and savoring every bite of the succulent fruit. I was not even bothered to give a few to mom and dad and much more to even wash them!!!

Then after that I had lots of strawberries to look forward to. The patch grew and so did the number of friends visiting home!!! Each one would come to visit me to have a handful of juicy strawberries!!!! Wow, how good it feels to go down the memory lane...

Well, coming to today’s milkshake. I got the last batch of strawberries from the vendor at the local market today - a whole kilo of them. [Knowing Hubby dear‘s passion for strawberry, I can buy any amount of it!!]

Strawberries will be gone before long and I intend to make use of it to the fullest before that. So here is the milkshake I was talking about – Strawberry milkshake.

You need:
1. Strawberries – a handful [I used 10]
2. Cold milk- 150 ml
3. Honey- to taste

Now the simple steps:
1. Puree the strawberry in a blender and add milk and honey.
2. Blend for a few seconds.
3. Serve immediately.

As simple as that.. See you tomorrow with yet another milkshake..

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