I love thayir vadai [Lentil dumpling soaked in yogurt].Each and every time I eat out at my favorite restaurant [or any restaurant for that matter], I never fail to savour it.Mom too makes it often and I am never bored .

Recently there was a 'forgotten' loaf of bread and I decide to give it a second chance and came up with this recipe.Its so simple that even kids can prepare it in a jiffy[Provided they have adult supervision].

You need:

Bread slices

Thick curd/yoghurt

Salt,Red chilli powder to taste

Oil - for deep frying

1.Immerse bread slices in water one by one for a few seconds and drain the water by pressing it between the palms.

2.Shape them into balls

3.Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the balls till golden brown .Drain and keep aside.

3.Combine curds,salt and red chilli powder.

To Serve:

Place a bread ball on the serving plate and pour a generous helping of curd mixture over it.

Garnish with grated carrot,coriander leaves.

There is another variation.If you have leftover vegetable curry keep that as the filling and deep fry the bread balls in oil and serve soaked in yoghurt or as such with tomato sauce.

Usually,the thayir vadai is immersed in hot water as soon as it is deep fried and then soaked in curds.By this technique,the vadai absorbs less curds and is very spongy to taste.You can follow the same method for bread thayir vadai if you want a spongy vadai instead of a crunchy one.

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