Microwave Eggless Chocolate Brownies with Banana

As I told you in my earlier post, I have fallen in love with baking in the microwave. I tried this brownie from Divya's Easy Cooking and was really impressed with the result.I followed her recipe but I added a tablespoon of flax seeds instead of nuts coz I have a huge jar full of them waiting to be used.

I used:

Maida / All purpose Flour – 1 cup
Cocoa powder – 2 teaspoons
Condensed Milk – 200ml [ I used Milkmaid]
Butter – 50 grams
Sugar -2 teaspoons
Salt- a pinch
Baking powder – ¼ teaspoon
Ripe banana- 1 ,medium sized
** Milk – 2 teaspoons [see note in step 5]

  1. Melt butter in a microwave proof bowl
  2. Sift maida, cocoa powder, salt and keep aside.Put in the flax seeds.
  3. In a mixie, blend together condensed milk and butter for 2 minutes.
  4. Put in chopped banana and sugar and blend till banana is pureed.
  5. Add this mixture to the sifted flour.Mix well so that all the ingredients are well blended. The mixture was too dry and so I used 2 teaspoons milk. The original recipe does not make use of milk. Skip it if the consistency is ok.
  6. Pour into greased pan and bake for 4 minutes or till a skewer comes out clean.
  7. Let it rest in the microwave for another minute
  8. Remove from the microwave, let it cool.
  9. Cut into squares and serve.

Since I don’t have the right baking tools/ pans, I used one big pan and 2 smaller ones.I baked them individually. I microwaved the large pan for 4 minutes. The smaller one on the right for 2 minutes and the smaller left for a little over a minute as it had less batter. The standing time was 1 minute for all the pans.

I did a taste test and found that I had under estimated the sweetness. Since the recipe uses condensed milk, I reduced the sugar to 1 teaspoon and when I tasted it, found it a little less sweet. So when I served this one, I drizzled a little chocolate condensed milk over the brownies. The appearance was not so good but it served the purpose.

This one goes to Its Time To Jingle Again event going on @ Asan Khana.

There is an interesting story behind these brownies. I tried this recipe from Divya's blog who inturn had tried it from Srivalli's blog.Now I am sending this to Srivalli's Kid's Delight-Holiday Specials event.Like she righly said,this recipe has come a full circle!!!This also goes to her other event 365 days of MW cooking.

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