Dragon fruit Sorbet

By now you must be quite familiar about my love for Dragon fruit. In my quest for a variety of dishes with this exotic and pretty  fruit, I saw this recipe at Sugar Laws blog.

This one too is very simple and easy to make but remember freeze the empty shell of the dragon fruit as it becomes a very pretty serving dish.

I used

Dragon fruit – ½ a large fruit
Lemon juice to taste
Sugar to taste

1.    Pulp the dragon fruit along with sugar and lemon juice. Add water to adjust consistency. I used around ¼ cup water.
2.    Pour it into a freezer proof container and freeze tills set. Also freeze the empty shell.
3.    When set scrape with a fork and serve on frozen dragon fruit shell.

If you are not serving this immediately, freeze the sorbet in the shells till ready to savor.

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