Japanese Green Tea Sorbet-A perfect dessert for summer....

I have never tried out sorbet at home though I love to relish it in summer.But something made me look for sorbet recipes and I searched various places and found a few of them that are easy to prepare.

This one is a Japanese sorbet made with Green tea powder.We know the health benefits of green tea and this is another way to enjoy the advantages.So enjoy this lovely sorbet this summer.

You need:

Maccha (green tea powder) -1 tablespoon [I did not have green tea powder so I powdered the green tea leaves finely ]
Granulated sugar - 2/3 cup [Adjust to taste]
2 cups water

  1. Heat water with tea powder and sugar.
  2. Stir till the sugar dissolves.
  3. Remove from fire and cool.
  4. Pour it into a freezer-safe bowl and freeze.
  5. Stir the sorbet every 30 minutes or one hour.
  6. Freeze until sorbet is alomost frozen and serve.

This cool recipe goes to AWED-Japanese hosted this month at Lavi's blog and also joining Srivalli's Mithai mela to celebrate the second birthday of her blog,and to Bindhya's event, this month hosted by aqua daze,the theme being - favorite frozen desserts....

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