Coriander Paratha

A delicious and soft paratha that every one in your family will love to indulge in including your tiny tot.Actually this paratha is a cross between Chapthi and Parotta.

Parottas are not to be confused with Parathas.Parottas are South Indian flat breads that are laden with oil/butter/ghee .It has multiple layers and uses a generous helping of ghee and sometimes even eggs.

I just wanted the chapathi to be flaky like the parotta and also healthy without using too much oil/egg.The addition of carrot and lots of coriander gives it a delicious twist in taste and appearance.

This can be served with a veggie gravy or just with pickle and yogurt.

You need:

Wheat flour-2 cups +1/4 cup for dusting

Carrot - 1 small,grated

Coriander leaves-1 bunch,finely chopped

Salt to taste

The making of the dough is similar to that of chapathi.Put in all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.Add warm water,little by little, and make a firm [but not tough] dough.Knead well for 15 minutes and let it rest for at least half an hour.

The pic is self explanatory but giving the procedure just in case it looks confusing :)

Pinch off a golf-ball sized lump and roll it out,dust a little flour if the dough is sticky.

Pleat the rolled out dough to make a 'dough rope'

Bring one end inside and roll it to form a ball.

Press lightly and again roll it out.

Heat a griddle and cook the rolled out dough on both sides till tiny brown spots appear.

Drizzle ghee/oil while cooking. [Optional]

Remove from heat and serve hot.You can now indulge in layers and layers of delicious parathas.

Brush a little butter/ghee if serving to children.

If you are pressed for time and patience you can roll them out like the regular chapathi and they taste equally good...

This colorful,tasty and healthy paratha goes to my event Tasty Bites for toddlers

Also sending this to Roma who is hosting JFI-Wheat.JFI is an event originally started by Indira of Mahanandhi.

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