Veggie Wrap

It finally happened to me!!I didn't see it coming and I didn't except it to strike me,but it did and now I am, well,struck-struck for words!!!Yes,the monster called 'Blogger's block' has taken over me.I read it in other people's blog of this thing happening to them and I thought I would just get away but I was wrong.

So here I am lost for words,starring at the monitor and wondering what to write for the day.Maybe I overdid blogging or maybe its because I am on vacation.Whatever the reason I hate this phase.

I have always enjoyed blogging and was never lost for words or for topics.These days I am learning a lot of new recipes from my cook in my hometown and mom has given me a whole bunch of traditional recipes and yet I am not inclined to post them.

I have clicked pic worth for several months of blogging and now the urge to post them has vanished.I haven't even transferred some pics from my digicam to the PC.What is wrong with me!!!

The moment I open the blog,I hop over to my favorites and drool and comment and blog hop again and finally I have little or no interest to post a recipe of my own!I wish I can get over this as soon as possible for I have loads of interesting stuffs to share!

Enough of my grumbling and I am here to share recipe that involves little or no work at all and yet will take the place of being your favorite.

The inspiration for this came from a street food.Now,what is it called?See,that 'blogger block' is getting the better of me!I am breaking my head and yet can't recollect the name.Anyway let me leave it for now and get back to the name later if I can recollect it.This is a street food that is found around my place and the name suggests it comes from Taiwan .It costs around RMB 3 for a piece and I have enjoyed it immensely on harsh winter evenings when I am forced go out for shopping those indispensable veggies and groceries!

Piping hot, just the aroma makes my tummy grumble.It resembles a paratha wrapped around lettuce leaves and cucumber and brushed with a little chilli sauce.Small moulds of kneaded dough is kept ready and when asked for one,the stall-wala prepares something like a flaky paratha and asks for our choice of stuffing.It ranges from sausages,eggs,chicken,beef,vegetables,banana- all adorned over lettuce leaves.

I tried to make it at home,no big deal actually,with left over chapathis and they were excellent!

This is what I did....

Place a chapathi on a flat surface.A couple of lettuce leaves goes on top and then some cucumber slices are arranged over it.Roll the chapathi and brush some chilli sauce on the exposed surface , the leaves and cucumber slices.

This also goes well as a snack with a cup of piping hot tea...

Now I am waiting for some inspiration to strike so that I can go on with what's lurking in my drafts for the past 3 months.....Meanwhile check out these delicious wraps and tell me ur favorite wrap...

Fruit wrap that also drew inspiration from the same street food as above and I went ahead to add the two fruits that Lil angel loves....

An Indianized Frankie for a guilt free and healthy snacking!

Happy munching....

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