Blueberry Flavored Milk [with Jam]

After returning home from our trip to India,I found the refrigerator housed 6 varieties of jam!!All of them were half finished.How they landed there-hubby had no clue.I was home after 6 months and these jars of jams had miraculously entered the fridge!!So after checking the use by date,I found they still had a long life to live.

Lil angel suddenly found that peanut butter was the best 'side dish' for bread and jam was a big NO.Not knowing what to do I let the jars of jam sleep until one day it struck me that I could make milkshake with them!!

I used:

Chilled milk-1 cup
Jam-1 tablespoon

Blend the jam and milk in a blender till frothy.Serve immediately.Yumm!!!!

Since the jam is very sweet I did not add sugar.Sometime there are tiny  lumps of  jam floating in the milk and it tastes so great!!

Milk flavored with blueberry jam...

Bon Appetit...

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