Choco Oats Banana Milkshake

Summer is the season that is feared by many.To reduce the impact of the heat ,we resort to tender coconut water,juices and milkshakes.

I made this milkshake yesterday when the climate was too hot to bear.I was not hungry yet if I went without a meal the heat would tire me out.So I resorted to this milkshake and added a dash of this and that to make it tasty and healthy.Lil angel enjoyed the shake and so did my parents who too preferred this to a regular meal.

I used:[for 1 serving]

Chilled milk-150ml
Banana-1 medium sized,roughly chopped
Drinking chocolate-1 teaspoon
Quick cooking oats- 2 teaspoons
Sugar to taste

This goes to Srivalli who is hosting Tanda mela and to Divya's Show me your smoothie

Bon Appetit

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