Fruity Yogurt # 2 and a 25!!

Its really,really cold here and today it is -7 degree Celsius!All I can think of now is a warm bowl of soup or a piping hot cup of tea/ coffee.But that's not what I am going to write about now.

Today's post is a fruity yogurt .This pic has been in my draft for more than 6 months and I thought I will post it today.On a hot summer day this sure tastes like heaven.

The health benefits of yogurt are aplenty and mighty impressive!Here are a few that I found interesting...

Selection of yogurt:

To prepare yogurt at home just follow these simple steps.[This is what I do]
If you live in a warm place,then the yogurt sets very quickly ,maybe in a couple of hours.If you are living in a cooler [or colder] region then leave it overnight to set.

If the yogurt is left outside for a long time in summer [or when the climate is warmer] after it sets,it turns sour and hence best to keep it refrigerated.

Before you finish off the bowl of yogurt made at home,don't forget to take out a couple of spoons and keep it separately in the fridge for we need it to prepare another bowl of healthy yogurt tomorrow.

Coming to today's recipe..In spite of preparing homemade yogurt I sometime[read- almost every time] buy yogurt from the dairy aisle.I always feel they call out to me and I cannot resist!So once I picked up a tub of blueberry yogurt and after polishing off half of it I made this fruity yogurt.

It had lots of blueberries and I added some sweet apple chunks,strawberries,lychee and topped it up with raisins.Tasted double yum and had double the benefits!

By the way,are you wondering what 25 is all about in the title?Well,this is my 25th post based on yogurt.I am sure you know about my love for yogurt and thought I will have a small celebration for this and hence this sweet yogurt recipe!

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Happy cooking...

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