SPB shake

Ever heard of Dr.SBP.I think I asked a wrong question!Every Indian [even people from other countries] would immediately relate to his melodious voice.Being a multi lingual singer, the number of songs he has sung till date is mind boggling!!!His songs have always been a super hit and he has numerous fans as well.Apart from music he is also a talented actor and producer!!!

What has Dr.SPB got to do with this post!!Well its just when I was finding a name for this shake that I prepared , did it strike me that I had named a drink after the legendary Dr.SPB jusat like I named a sandwich after me!!!

This is a delicious combo of Strawberry,pineapple and banana.

The method is pretty simple.Put in the chopped fruits in a blender.Add a little water if required.Add hiney and blend again.

Pour the SPB shake into a tall glass and sip listening to one of Dr.SPB’s melodious songs….

Sending this delight to Madhuri who is hosting Serve me some Juices,shakes and Smoothies...

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Happy cooking...

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