Country Vegetable Soup

How time flies!!!I though I had just missed one edition of Taste and Create but then it was two!!So this month I told myself that I must participate no matter what comes up.

As you may be aware Taste and Create is culinary community started by Nicole of For the Love of Food,where we are paired with another blogger and try,test and taste their recipes.It is so much fun to explore the cuisine of bloggers from all over the world.This month I was paired with Carol who blogs at No Reasons Needed.

This is the second time that I am being pared with her.There were many vegetarian recipes to choose from and she has a lot of baked goodies along with other recipes.Carol also share some of her family moments with us in her blog.Though I had bookmarked some other recipes ,I made this Country Vegetable Soup that sounded too easy,tasty and wholesome.

For this easy breezy soup you need:

Vegetables of your choice -I used potato,baby corn,green bell pepper,carrot,french beans,onion,tomato,a large clove of garlic
Celery- 2 stalks,chopped
Mint leaves a few

Salt and pepper to taste
Coriander leaves to garnish

  1. In a pressure cooker put in the vegetables,celery,mint leaves enough water and pressure cook for 10 minutes or till vegetables are done.
  2. Remove from heat,add salt and pepper and serve garnishes with coriander leaves.

    If you prefer you can thicken the soup with a little flour mixed with a little water.Add it after the vegetables are done and cook for another 5 minutes.

    This is a very simple soup but truly delightful!!!

    If you are interested in joining Taste and Create,check out the How it works page and join in our fun...

    Bon Appetit...


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