Paruppu Vadai With Herbs | Lentil Fritters With Herbs

For the past couple of years I wanted to join NaBloPoMo.I blog everyday,well, almost everyday except maybe a weekend,so I thought why not join this and blog everyday.So starting from today I will be blogging non stop[as I do now] since I have officially become a member of NaBloPoMo.Let us move on to some updates and today's post...

A few changes here and there at Seduce Your Tastebuds...Older clicks are being replaced by the better pics and here are the recipes that got a face lift..

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Coming to today's post,often when we make vadai,/ lentil fritters,we like to add in something that makes it tasty and a wee bit healthy.This time we added mint,coriander leaves and drumstick leaves from our backyard.

For this tasty recipe you need:

Gram / channa dhal-2 cup
Toor dhal-1 a cup
Red chillies-4
Mint leaves –a handful
Coriander leaves-a handful
Drumstick leaves-a handful
Onion-1 finely chopped
Cumin seeds-1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Oil- to deep fry

  1. Soak both the dals and chilli for not more than half an hour.
  2. Drain completely.
  3. Meanwhile finely chop the mint and coriander leaves.
  4. Grind the dal and the red chillies to not-too-smooth a batter.As far as possible don’t add water.Too much water results in soggy vadas.If required add just a few sprinkles.
  5. Remove the batter into a dish.
  6. Add salt,onion,cumin seeds and the herbs.
  7. Mix well and make small balls.Flatten each ball and drop them into hot oil.
  8. Fry till they are golden brown in color.

Bon Appetit...

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