Here I am ready to run ..Suitcases fulla cloths,boxes waiting to be opened ,partially drafted theme,yet I just can't wait to get started!! Yup,its recipe marathon time....

Initially when I started my blog, I had planned to post one recipe each week.Then I was smitten by the 'events' bug and the number of posts grew and now its one recipe each day .

I know I really have to squeeze in between setting up the house,cooking and running behind my lil angel, to get this going but no complaints cos this is gona to be so much fun .My theme is ,well,still in the draft stage and will be put up on the first day of each the week.It is going to be very a simple recipe each day[Maybe for Recipe marathon #3 I will create something exotic :)]

With all this said,we have in our team-

1) DK 2) Siri 3) Srivalli 4) Ranji 5)PJ [That's me]6)Curry Leaf 7)Medha 8)Priya 9)Bhawna 10)Raaji 11)Ruchii 12)Anu 13)Kamala 14)Roopa 15)Divya Kudua 16)Rekha 17)Divya M 18)Lakshmi 19)Raaga 20)Lakshmi Venkatesh 21)Sripriya22)Viji 23)Kamalika24)Pavani25)Karuna26)Roochi

Checkout their blogs as well and see the magic they have created each day.

I will be updating this post with the new recipes that I will be posting everyday.

Day 1 - The first dessert I prepared that turned out to be a disaster but mastered to perfection over time-Suji Kesari


Day 2 -An easy to prepare South Indian breakfast which is a variation from the regular Idli-Rava Idli

Day 3 -A Breakfast/snack variation -Sabudhana kitchidi

Day 4 -No dosa batter?No problem. Try out -Wheat flour dosa

Day 5 -Put aside the veggie filling and use oats to have a yumm ,nutritious Nutri Chapathi

Day 6 -An iron rich breakfast / snack - Aval upma

Day 7 -A little extra work which is worth it coz you can have a tasty spread - Rice sevai and Lemon sevai

For the second week , I have planned to post Indian side-dishes.They are not only going to be simple n easy to prepare but also delicious.

Day 8-A delicious accompaniment for poori/Chapathi - Potato peas masal

Day 9 - My favorite accompaniment to tiffins- Tomato Onion chutney

Day 10- A tasty chutney made out of a veggie peel-Ridgegourd peel chutney

Day 11-No electricity,no problem..You can still prepare chutney for your breakfast - No grind tomato onion chutney

Day 12-Another tomato chutney-Tomato Gravy

Day 13 - A quick fix for unexpected guests - Easy dhal

Day 14- A green coloured side-dish - Coriander chutney

Day 15-Potato and cauliflower in indian spices - Aloo Gobi Masala

Week 3 and its gona be my favorites - Curd/Yoghurt/Buttermilk based dishes

Day 16 - Simple and my ever favorite - Curd/yoghurt Rice

Day 17- A great accompaniment for rice/chapathi varieties -Pancharatna Raita

Day 18 - Another easy and healthy breakfast / snack - Curd Aval

Day 19 - A Bright and colorful raita - Tomato raita

Day 20 - A raita without veggies!!!! -Udhin hittu raita

Day 21- A different kind of Yoghurt gravy- Lentil dumplings in spicy yoghurt gravy

Day 22 -A sweety-salty-savory raita- Banana Raita

Day 23 -An Indian styled hot soup for a cold rainy day - Saaru/Rasam

Week 4 and this week its rice!!!

Day 24-A different rice variety that I learnt from a TV show -Ridgegourd rice

Day 25-A special treat - Jackfruit Payasam

Day 26-Crunchy capsicum paired with rice - Capsicum rice

Day 27-This is what I prepared on an uninspiring day -Fusion rice

Day 28-Something for the rabbits and for us too!!-Carrot rice

Day 29-Spice up ur tastebuds with-Pepper flavoured rice

Day 30-A different kind of Curry leaf flavoured rice

GRAND FINALE!!!!!A treat to the tastebuds and tonic to the boby -Yiner Hangzao lianzi geng