When you are on the lookout for a variation in breakfast/snack,this one is an easy way out.

You need:

Sabudana/Sago-1 cup soaked [Soak overnight if its the big variety,or 2-3 hours for the finer variety]
Potato-1,boiled whole peeled and cut into small pieces
Onion -1,finely chopped
Roasted groundnuts- 1 tablespoon,crushed lightly
Jeera - 1teaspoon
Curry leaves a few
Jeera-pepper powder[roast together with a little oil and powder]- 1.5 teaspoons
Coconut,grated -2 tablespoons[Optional]
Salt - To taste
Oil-1 tablespoon

1.Drain the sabudana and keep aside.
2.Heat oil and when hot add jeera .
3.Then in goes the onions.Saute till translucent.
4.Now add potato,coconut,sabudana, jeera-pepper powder, curry leaves ,salt .
5.Mix well and stir for a few minutes
6.Just before taking off the stove ,add the crushed groundnuts,mix well and serve .

This can be eaten as such or served with any chutney.

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