This Weeks Special - My Favorites

Guess my favorite food stuff....I will give u a hint-A dairy poduct produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.You guessed it -Its our humble Curds Yoghurt/yogurt/dahi/thayir/perugu/Mosaru....

Call it what you like,its full of goodness. It is good because of its nutritional goodies-Protein,Calcium,Riboflavin,Vit B6,B12 apart from having a cooling and a general tonic effect.

Ayurveda says the best time to take curds is during summer.It has great digestive properties.It helps to relieve constipation in combinatination with psyllium seeds or stop that nasty diahhrea.When consumed regularly ,curd restores the bacterial balance in the digestive tract and also helps clear toxic symptoms like bloating and indigestion
Buttermilk,just like curd,is a wise idea to turn to in summer.Plain buttermilk or had with a dash of spices like ginger is an antidote to sunstroke or to simply cool the system.
Summer or winter,breakfast or dinner this is my all time favorite.
There are a number or Indian and international dishes that use yogurt/buttermilk as a base and here are few of my favorites.I love to have them anytime.This is what I am going to post this week..
Curd rice
Curd aval
Pancharatna raita
Tomato raita
Udhin hittu raita
Lentil dumplings in spicy yoghurt gravy