A peek Into The Past - Best of the year 2010

I have been waiting to write this post.I was in fact looking forward to Srivalli's announcement.Yea,its kinda nice to go back and take stock of what happened in our world blog.So here comes another lengthy post....

This year I have written 355+ posts which is double the number of posts I wrote last year and the year before that. Sometimes I wonder why I never get tired or bored of cooking and writing about food! I did go into the 'blogger block' phase a couple of months ago, yet I carried on this far. Earlier when I had started blogging, it was like 1 post a week and then it came to posting when ever possible but this year most of the month's have seen a post everyday.In my excitement to cook and write, I have even posted 3-4 recipes in a day!

I celebrated my 500th post this year with a tasty Kaala Jamun and a $100 giveaway from CSN store.

When our recipes reach wider audiences, it brings us greater joy. I was approached by Sarah of Lexiophiles site and she asked me if I was interested to write a recipe for their International recipe advent calendar.I gladly accepted and I posted Shrikand recipe for it.[Click on the number 23 and it will take you to the post.]

Then comes my favorite part- hosting events.Seduce Your Tastebuds hosted 11 events this year out of which 3 events were my own and the remaining were guest- hosted.

When I got bored to stand in front of the stove and cook a meal, I wanted something that needs no cooking and can be prepared easily.That's when I came up with the No cook event.I was astonished to see almost 50 recipes .We had everything in the Roundup starting from salads to desserts!!

Then I asked you to come up with ideas of turning leftovers into Scrupmtious delights and I was rewarded with almost 60 recipes.I was amazed at the creativity!

My love for Tofu prompted me to host an event to churn up Dishes with Tofu and bloggers shared my enthusiasm by sending in 22 recipes,all of them very new and creative!

Seduce Your Tastebuds played guest-host to some very popular events too.DK's AWED came back for a second inning and this time I chose African Cuisine.The roundup is here.

Sunita's Think spice event too came here for a second round and the theme was Tamarind and the response was great!

I chose Carrots for Silpa's Vegetable Marathon event and I was surprised to get 65 entries!

It was a great pleasure to host Srivalli's Microwave Easy Cooking event.We love to cook and experiment in the MW and there are some dishes that turn out to be the best.So I chose Favorites as the theme and was glad to get 30 delicious entries :)

Foods can be healing and Tomato was chosen as Healing food for Siri's event which got a total of 80 entries!

Once in a while its nice to walk outside the comfort zone.That's what Aqua did when she announced her event- writing a fact or fiction that revolves around food.Of Chalks and Chopsticks came here for the  5th edition.8 talented bloggers send in their wonderful and tasty reads.

Nive's Celebrate sweets was hosted here with the theme 'Bengali sweets' which happens to be Nive's and my favorite!28 yummy delicacies paraded in for the event...

Zlamuska started an event to cook recipes inspired from other blogs which is now carried on by Lakshmi.I hosted this event last month and invited everyone to try out recipes from Priya's Easy and tasty recipes and you delighted me by sending in 45 delicious dishes.

Talking of events I prepared 150 dishes to be sent to other events.It was so exciting to search and then prepare and post new recipes for events.My folks sure did enjoy the new dishes that I tried and gave a positive feedback.

If you are wondering why I am writing so much about events here, its because I love to host events and this is one way to thanks the brains behind them who gave me an opportunity to host their events and also to thank my friends for sending in their recipes and supporting me :)...

Moving on, this year I started a few new series like the Chinese Ingredients Unraveled , Kitchen Dictionary which I started when I wanted to know more about the ingredients I cook, which is well received,ertain recipes have step-by-step clicks to make it look easier.

I took a bold step and started baking some Eggless baked goodies in the microwave and I am hooked on to baking now.Wish I had stated earlier...

I have ventured to try out recipes from across the border even though my favorite cuisine is Indian.

You might be aware that I am a part of two cooking communities- Taste and Create and Indian Cooking Challenge and I was quite consistent in keeping up with the cooking and posting for these two.

For New year it is customary to make some resolutions and break it later, but this year I won't be making any. I am going to take blogging as it come and surprise you all with maybe a new theme / topic / event. So you can keep guessing what is going to happen around here :)

After this boring lengthy post, let me treat you with some Eye candy.Here are some of my favorite recipes / clicks for each month...

Moong dhal Halwa prepared for ICC - Jan 2010

Purple Radish Chutney - Feb 2010

Refreshing Kumquat Drink - March 2010

West African Jollof Rice - April 2010

Ras Malai for ICC - May 2010

Channa Chaat - June 2010

Comforting Beetroot Soup - July 2010

Vegetable and Lentil Sevai - August 2010

Sweet Potato Mash With Goji Berry - September 2010

No Cook Fruit and Nut bar -October 2010

Kollu Paruppu Masal Vadai - November 2010

Gelettes De Sarrasin - December 2010

There you go..This is pretty much what happened in my blog this year.You can peek into Best of 2008 and best of 2009 to see how my blog fared from its birth...

Last but not the least,a bunch of thanks to all my readers,those of you following / subscribing to my post and to those silent visitors, for your continual support and kind words of encouragement.If not for you ,Seduce Your Tastebuds wouldn't have come this far.Thanks for all your support in sending in all those lovely dishes for the events hosted here and making them such a huge success.

Tomorrow is New Year as well my Blogs 3rd Anniversary..I can hardly believe this!!!I never thought it will come this far.I am all geared up to cook and write about a lot of stuffs..

That's all for now,see you all next year with another delicious post..

New Year Wishes...