The 'No Cook' Event Roundup

What can be more pleasurable than announcing an event and finding entries on the same day!!Well that's what happened when I announced the no cook event!The response was over whelming. 46 creative minds sent in a hundred dishes that makes life a lot easier and definitely healthier.

I never knew there were so many fans for 'Avocado' until I saw all those lovely avocado based recipes!!!When I just thought I would be receiving more juices / salads sort of recipes,I was so delighted to see some exotic desserts!Now we have salads of all kinds,dips,spreads,salad dressings,juices and shakes,side dishes,main dishes,snacks and appetizers,desserts and ice creams.What more can I ask!!!

Without further ado here is the roundup of the dishes.I have categorized keeping in mind the other entries and some of them may be in a different category that you actually sent it for.Hope you don't mind :)..

Here we go...

Salads are now becoming a favorite of many people and here is a huge platter with different kinds of salads just for you....

I.Vegetable salads

Madhuri Kumar of Cook-curry Nook has this Sprouted Moong Salad which she prefers to snack on than the usual junk food.She also sends in the vibrant Carrot Salad/Kosambari.

Ruchika of Ruchika cooks has sent an Anytime veggie salad in which she also talks about the benefits of having a salad.

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes has come up with three kinds of salads from simple to exotic!!Simple Salad ,Coleslaw(Raw Cabbage Salad), Thai Green Mango Salad .Aren't they a colorful bunch!!

Nayna of presents Garden salad with Italian herb dressing in a rainbow of colors!

Nandini of Usha Nandini's Recipes has prepared this different salad with fresh chickpeas - Green Chickpeas Salad

Tigerfish of Teczcape - an escape to food presents this Japanese Cucumber Kyuri in Creamy Peanut Butter that is very refreshing and has a fresh and nutty flavor.

Suma Gandlur of Veggie Platter 's Greengram sprouts salad can be served a part of the meal or as a snack!

Swathi of Zesty Kitchen South Indian Kitchen experimented on this Vegetable salad with lemony vinaigrette and she loved it!

Jyoti of The Veggie HUT made this colorful Cherry Tomato Salad which she loves has it for lunch when she has to cook for herself!!

PJ of Seduce Your Tastebuds[Yea ,me!] Kosambari with a twist ,a traditional recipe twisted for this event!!!

II.Fruit salads

Let me start with Honey Fruit Salad from Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen with the goodness of fruits nuts and honey!

Another simple salad from Preethi Rajeev of Dreamy delights-.a salad that you would never mind having in place of lunch on a summer noon!!

Citrus salad from Joumana of Taste of Beirut is a wonderful blend different citrus fruits!

Fresh Fruit(s) salad from Lubna Karim of Yummy Food makes you want to grab the bowl as it is full of fruits , cereals and health!

Asha Latha R K Prasad of "ASRA"...ASHAON KA sends Bowl-ed Banana / Fruit Salad or Fruit Bowl that brought back some childhood memories for her!

Swapna of Swapna Sridhar celebrated holi festival with a burst of colorful salad- Salad With Fruits / Fruit Chaat

Fruit relish from PJ has fruits with roses for an exotic touch!

III.Mixed salads

Fruit and cream from Nivedita of Nivedita’s Kitchen makes you scream for more!!

Muskaan Shah of A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine has two delicious salads - Classic Carrot And Raisin Salad tossed with Honey & Sesame Dressing and Corn & Avocado Salad on the bed of Spinach. What a delight to the senses!

Zesty and chunky Avocado Tomato and Lime salad from Kalva of Curry in Kadai is full of nutrients and is bursting with flavor!

Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen has also sent this artistic Mixed Vegetables and Fruits Salad

Turmeric and spice of Turmeric and spice have welcomed New year with healthy eating resolutions and here is the proof that they stick on to it!!A lovely Spring in a bowl

Blackberry, Strawberry and Carrot Salad with a hint of crushed almonds and peanuts from
Radhika Vasanth of Food for 7 Stages of Life gives you the sweetness of fruits and crunchiness from nuts!

Cooking Foodie of 365 days of eating sends in this Chole Salad which compliments rice,curries and gravies!!

Here are two salsa's.A colorful Basic Tomato Salsa from Cooking foodie of 365 days of eating...

Pineapple salsa with a twist from PJ with an Indian touch!

IV.Yogurt based salads

Bread Raita from Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj! Another interesting way to use up the left over bread in the pantry!

Manga Parukku/ Manga Pacchadi : Raw Mango Yogurt Curry from Shri of Tiffin Carrier Antic/que's!- a soothing dish during summer...

Bean -Veg Salad with yogurt Dressing from Sandhya Hariharan of Sandhya's Kitchen is almost a meal by itself!

Salad dressings

Sesame Seeds Dressing from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes-a dip that can be made ahead and stored and tastes yum with fresh veggies!

Dips / Spreads

Easy Spinach Dip from SE of Denufood-Delicious & Nutritious Food - a dip that is sure to be a hit with kids!!

Lemony Olive oil dip with herbs from Asha of Foodie’s Hope beautifully compliments the colorful bushman bread.

Avocado Nachos Dip with Coriander from Graziana of Erbe in cucina (Cooking with herbs)- a tasty dip when u have fresh coriander at hand.

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes has 2 tasty dips Avocado Hummus and Indianized Chunky Avocado Dip

Asha of Foodies Hope sends us Avocado, Sweet Peppers and Corn Guacamole to scoop with Tortilla chips..

Guacamole with tortilla chips from Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen-a dip that she lovingly prepared for her hubby...

Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj! has Avacado mayonnaise a perfect dip when you are on a diet!!

Another Guacamole from Cooking foodie of 365 days of eating,one of her much loved dip!

Preeti of Dreamy delights has another interesting version of - Guacamole

Spicy Garlic butter for toast from PJ

Smoothies /Juices /Shakes

Divya of Dil Se.. has sent a whole bunch of delicious shakes....Each one healthy and tasty in its own accord!

Spinach-Banana Smoothie
Peanut butter banana smoothie
Quick Breakfast smoothie
Dates Milkshake
Blackberry Smoothie
Mango Lassi

Kamala Bhoopathy of Cook @ ease made this Mint Coriander Leaves (Pudina Dhania) Juice after tasting it in one of her Yoga session.

Grapange (Grape Fruit + Orange)Juice from H of Good Eats from India,a colorful bitter sweet drink with a strong citrus flavor..

Nandhini of Usha Nandini's Recipes sent this Strawberry & Pineapple Smoothie -a blend of 2 delicious fruits...

Pina Colada from Madhuri Kumar of Cook-curry Nook,a 'virgin' drink she calls it!Want to know why?She tells u the reason in her post.Check it out....

Creamy Dates and Coffee Smoothie from Jyotiof The Veggie Hut - a morning drink that gives you energy and also the caffeine kick!

Sohini of Foodie Joint makes a yummy Iced Coffee for those hot summer days..

Apple Banana Kiwi Coconut Milk Shake from Sadhana of A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine -a quick breakfast!

Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj! has some exotic blends!!Burj Al-Arab smoothie -named after one of the famous buildings in UAE,Avacado milkshake ,Abbadi milkshake - a favorite milkshake served in UAE.

Swapna of Swapna Sridhar sends in another Avocado Milk Shake and Strawberry Smoothie ,where her posts not only explain the procedure but also the health benefits of these two fruits.

A very creative Chikoo Milkshake from Padhu of Welcome to padhuskitchen

Preeti of Khaugiri sends us the Green Goddess [Welcome Drink or a Mocktail]- yet another drink for summer...

Avacado Buttermilk / Mor from Latha of A Peek Into My Kitchen-a different kind of cooler!

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes has two lovely drinks -Pineapple Lassi and
Avocado Delight With Maple Syrup.This girl never seems to run out of ideas!!!

Jagruti Joy of cooking has a Superfoods smoothie which, as its name suggests, is a treasure trove of nutrients!

PJ has 3 beverages Chocolate banana tofu smoothie,Strawberry tofu smoothie and
Strawberry Lassi and Pineapple Banana shake

Appetisers / starters / snacks / Wraps and rolls

Whether it is to entertain friends or the lazy self,these snacks are sure to be a hit!

Muskaan Shah of A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine has these easy and filling Multigrain Mediterranean Wraps

Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta from Siri of Siri's Corner is a perfect blend of tastes and you got to try it to believe it..

Cooking Foodie of 365 days of eating..'s Seven layer dip is as delicious as it looks...

Beat the heat with Madhuri Kumar of Cook-curry Nook 's healthy and low cal 'Bread Dahi Vada'

Nisha of Look who's cooking too tried out some cool stuff with baguette and here is her yummy Stuffed Baguette..

Sandwiches are something that kids and adults would love to have abd here are some versions...

Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj! - Strawberry syrup sandwich - a snack box treat for kids

Nivedita of Nivesita’s Kitchen makes us fall in love with her Loving heart to win you all sandwich

Amruta of Delicious Vegetarian's Chutney sandwiches is a healthy option for breakfast / brunch...

Mihir of Mixed Up Stories made this No-cook Sandwich ,which is her dad's favorite!

PJ 's Vegetable sandwich which drew inspiration while chatting with her buddy..

Side dishes

Southekayi (Cucumber) Hasi (raw) Gojju from Madhuri Kumar of Cook-curry Nook is a tangy gravy that she learnt from her MIL...When unscheduled power-cuts or hot days make cooking impossible yet when hunger strikes this dish surely lend u a helping hand..

Here comes the Poha / pressed rice dishes that I was eager to try out...These can be had for breakfast or as a snack too..

‘No-cook Poha' from Madhuri Kumar of Cook-curry Nook is a quick-fix breakfast and can be served as a snack instead of those junk foods......

Suma Rowjee of Cakes and More prepares this yummy Spicy No-Cook Rice Flakes- a lazy foodie's delight as she calls it is sure to make you want prepare this often...

Shilpa of Thoughts and Pots 's No-Cook Poha is her favorite late night snack...

Daisy blue of Spicy Lounge's Sweet Poha/Sweet aval is made all the more healthy when served with some fresh fruits.

Saraswath Iyer of Sara's Corner's Milk poha to pamper the lazy self...

Girmitt from Nivedita of Nivedita’s Kitchen is a tasty street food from North Karnataka..

Now coming to the much awaited part of the roundup -Desserts

Nayna of made these gorgeous Coconut and mixed nut barfi which is rich and crunchy with a delicate fragrance of cardamom...

SilverMoon Dragon of Dragon Musings made this delightful Chocotorta. Looking at this click no one can ever believe that it is a no-bake delight even if I promised!!!

Kelly Parr of Fresh Encounter…. Body,Soul & Spirit made three desserts for us that literally made me drool -Red.White & Guilt-free! ,bRAWnie bites! ,Chocolate Pudding bring it on! Hop over to her blog for many more no cook delights!!!

Preethi Rajeev of Dreamy Delights sent Cream cheese Filled Strawberries - a light,elegant and romantic dessert!

Finally let us chill out with some Ice creams / Kulfi /Sorbets

Apu of Annarasa sent us this guilt free Whipped Kiwi-Banana Frozen Yogurt that can be enjoyed as a light dessert..

Madhuri Kumar of Cook-curry Nook gave in to her urges and made this Instant Guilt-free) Banana Ice-cream that has the perfect 'yumminess' quotient...

Kulfi from Silpa of Anita’s kitchen makes you smack your lips when you spell it!!

SilverMoon Dragon of Dragon Musings' Mango Lime Sorbet is a luscious,refreshing and fruity treat for the family and your friends...

Sushma of Savi-Ruchi send in the tasty and colorful Mango seekarane, that can be had as a dessert and even as a side dish!!

There you have it 102 wonderful,healthy,delicious No cook recipes...Hope you enjoyed the roundup as much I enjoyed hosting it!!!

Just when I was giving the last touch to this roundup,I fished out 4 entries from the spam.So in case you find any entries missing,drop me a line and I will include it in the roundup.

Once again dear friends,thanks a lot for your support in this event and looking forward to your participation in my future events,the details of which will be posted on the side bar at the start of each month..

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