Tastes of Africa!!!

I asked for dishes from Africa for this month's edition of AWED and got everything from soups to desserts!!Never before have I prepared so many dishes from any country,except Indian that is,coz I felt there are so close to the Indian cuisine.My dear friends who have sent in these wonderful entries that you are about to droll over share the same feeling!This event is a great way to explore the cuisines of the world.Thanks Divya for giving me this opportunity to host such a lovely event.

Coming to the roundup,here are the dishes that are going tempt you to try ou more often..


A traditional South African starter from Sathya Sridhar of Samayal Corner.Honey Glazed Soetpatats - South African Sweet Potato is popular dish that can be baked or roasted.


Nithu Bala of Nithus Kitchen sends this colorful Kachumbari from Rwanda that can be prepared at a short notice and it is served with Pilaf.


Harira is a Moroccan lentil and tomato soup that has numerous variations!Here are two of them.

Suma Gandlur's Vegetarian Harira.Isnt' this one kind of soup that we would love to have on a chilly day!

The other one is the Harira that I made for dinner one night and was a hit with my family.

Janet sends us Moroccan Carrot Soup ,a tempting soup with a bit of yogurt and a hint of cumin!

Algerian cucumber yogurt soup from my kitchen to cool off during the summer days.

Breakfast / Brunch

An Ethiopian delicacy from DK,the founder of this culinary journey, is a feast for the eyes and taste-buds.By the way,did you know that this Injera is gluten free!!!

This North African dish from Jayasri of Samayalarai-Cooking is Divine ,was prepared for her lil one who loves CousCous.Couscous Casablanca as it is called is sure to please you too....

A traditional breakfast dish from Tunisia from Ann @ Split Pearsonality - Shakshouka. It is also an awesome brunch dish and very east to put together!

A flatbread from Algeria sent in by Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen.Msemmen that tastes and looks similar to Indian Chapathi/Flatbread and whats more interesting is that her hubby cooked it for her!!!

Moroccan Batbout sent in by Niloufer Riyaz of Kitchen Samraj! is a pita bread from Morocco.The best thing about this bread is that you can make it on a stove top!

Priya of Priya's East n tasty recipes made Anjera - Somalian Pancake-Like Bread ,a dish discovered in her quest to try out new recipes.Tastes great when served with honey.

Moroccan Spaghetti from my kitchen is a delicious blend of spaghetti,chick peas and spices.

Rice dishes

We have two versions of Jollof rice from Nigeria!

One is from Kalai of My Recipes Diary who found this Jollof rice to be Unusually usual!!!Read her post to know why she thinks so...

The other one version is the one I tried out where I added a little bit of that and this and yet found it similar to Tomato rice [just like Kalai].Anyways here it is

When there is a sudden craving to indulge 'yellow colored food' ,then all I can ask you is to try out Ann @ Split Pearsonality's Yellow Bell Pepper and Corn Rice.This is a simple accompaniment dish for a spicy meal.

Nithu Bala from Nithu's Kitchen made this tasty Tanzanian Vegetable Rice that is tempting and colorful yet simple to prepare.

Vegetables dishes

Rachana of Sizzle and Spice sends in this tasty Maharagwe Ya Nasi that she picked up from a cookbook.This dish comes from Kenya and in Swahili it means 'Beans in Coconut Sauce'.

Here is what you have to do to add a nice tang to stews or other dishes and it comes all the way from Morocco.Moroccan Preserved lemons from Yasmeen of Health Nut

Ful medames all the way from Egypt thro my kitchen.

Side dishes

Mesir Wat - Ethiopian Red lentil stew from Sweatha of Tasty Curryleaf is a side dish that goes well with bread made with teff flour.

Priya (Yallpantula) Mitharwal of Mharo Rajasthan's recipe made this wonder Kenyan dish M'Baazi Dry Beans Nairobi Style that is served cold in lettuce cups but goes well with flatbreads as well.

African vegetable stew from my kitchen is similar to South Indian Kurma.

Hummus also comes from my kitchen and this is one of the first dishes that I cooked for a crowd.


A spiced tea from Priya of Priya's easy n tasty recipes.Shaah perfect for a cold winter evening.

Another Somali tea from my kitchen.

Here are some versions of Tanzanian chai/Tanzanian tea from

Nithu bala of Nithus Kitchen East African Tea

Tanzanian tea from my kitchen

Have u ever had a tea with nuts floating around?No!Then I recommend 'Irea Egyptian cinnamon tea from my kitchen.

Ethiopian Kahawa from my kitchen for a caffeine kick.

A different kind of coffee with spices -Moroccan spiced coffee from my kitchen.

A refreshing and colorful Zobo -A Nigerian hibiscus punch that is loaded with nutrients. from Priya of Priya's easy n tasty recipes.


A meal is never complete without a dessert and presenting to you....

A delicious sweet from South Africa- Koeksisters from Sathya Sridhar of Samayal corner.This sugar coated braided dessert tastes its best when served cold!

Isn't this an amazing collection of recipes from Africa!!!Thanks a lot dear friends for your enthusiastic support!!!!Hope you girls will try these out in your kitchen too......

Happy feasting....