Ethiopian Kahawa

When I signed up with Divya to host AWED –African, I immediately searched for African recipes and started making a collection of them. Usually when I want to try dishes from other cuisines, I start from beverages then soup and salads and later proceed to the complicated ones.

When I was looking for some beverage recipes, I chanced upon this kahawa .I read some interesting anecdotes which I would like to share here.

Long long ago, a Shepard noticed that his sheep were exceptionally lively after they ate a certain plant. Curious to know what the reason was,he tried it himself and found that it had the same effect on him!!!

Later the monks of the Ethiopian church consumed these leaves to stay alert /awake during their prayers.In these two cases the plant was taken as a food ie they either chewed beans or mixed the crusahed beans with some ingredients to make cakes.

After many very many years people in other parts –North eastern Africa,Arabia made fermented drinks with the bean and it came to be know by various names like Kawa, Kahwa, Kahwah, Gahwa, Guhwah, Kahawa .If you are still wondering what it is then I can tell you that it is nothing but our good old coffee!!!

This kahawa [coffee ] is rather strong so adjust the ground coffee bean powder to suit your taste.I am not sure if it will come out right with instant coffee.

I used:

Water-1 cup

Ground coffee powder – 1 teaspoon

Cardamom pod- 1 ,seeds separated

Ginger powder- ¼ teaspoon

Sugar to taste

Bring all the ingredients to boil in a pan and let it simmer for 10 minutes.Strain and sip.

I don’t think the traditional recipe uses sugar but I did coz as I said earlier the coffee was too strong for my taste.

Bon appetit...

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