A peek into the past -Best of 2009

Looking back I see two glorious years of blogging.In a few days my bloggy baby is set to celebrate her third birthday.This post is more like what I did this year[2009] and take account of things that were good and appreciated and also look at things that would need some changes.

First some statistics….

The number of posts each month were not consistent. Events in the home front,some technical problems in my site kept my posts low for a few months.I have a total of 170+ posts this year.
Last year I had posted 136 recipes.Compared to last years,this year has seen almost 40 posts extra!Am really glad that this year went on pretty well.

On the other side the new things that are here this year are:

My blog played host to a number of events this year.

1] AWED-Korean -[[Announcement]No.of entries – 20

2]RCI-Jain cuisine-[ Announcement No.of entries -13

3]Think spice-Think sesame seeds-[Announcement] No.of entries - 27

4]Let’s go nuts-coconut - [Announcement] No. of entries - 50

5]AFAM-Kiwi fruit -Announcement No.of entries - 11

The events that I conceived and hosted here-

Tasty bites for toddlers -[Announcement].This event is mainly to create a hub for toddler recipes and got a total of 42 entries.

The roundups of all these wonderful events can be found in the side bar.

This year I participated in a number of blog events too.One great thing about these blog events are that they create a sense of eagerness to try out new recipes!The new ingredients and the adaptations are something to look forward to.

I have joined in two cooking communities

-ICC-Not to be mistaken for cricket. This is Indian cooking challenge where we try out authentic and traditional Indian dishes..

-Taste and create-In this we are paired with a partner blog and we prepare the dishes from that blog. This is a way of appreciating the dishes from other bloggers.

Now coming to the tasty part...

The kitchen at Seduce your taste buds churned out a lot of Indian dishes and quite a few Inter-nation dishes as well.Sharing with you a few clicks I liked

These may not be the best but they are definitely my favorites.

This year I have been cooking more for the blog. Almost a new recipe everyday but for some reason or the other I was not able to post them then and there and now I have a huge backlog of recipes waiting to find their place in the blog.

After cooking and writing for the blog I must say that my cooking skills have greatly improved. I have tried many recipes from other cuisines as well as cooked my favorite.

So what for next year,you ask?There are so many that my head is spinning just thinking how much I can cover in a year.But I would like to

1. Finish the cookbook that is taking baby-steps.
2. Get my own domain for I want to make a lot of additions /changes in the layout.
3. Try out more recipes from international cuisine.
4. Start some new series,topic yet to be decided.
5. Apart from this...Well,take blogging as it comes!! :)

Oh my ,I almost forgot,I have loads of Indian recipes to by tried.I am a huge fan of Indian food you know!Indian cuisine is as rich as its culture and there are so many dishes to experiment!!When will I ever cover them all!!!!A life time..May be yes,maybe no..Let's wait and see..

Last but not the least,if not for the support and encouragement of my friends,blogging buddies and my visitors,I wouldn't have come this far.All your words have definitely made be strive to be better than the best.

So dear friends,blogging buddies and visitors and well wishers-Thanks a lot for your kind words,support and encouragement...

This post goes to Srivalli's Best of 2009 event....

I know this a rather long post so before I sign off for the day ,let me flash this crispy crunchy snack we had last evening.I know many are going to call me ‘evil’ but they were too good to be savored alone so here is a platter for you…

Though they do not look ‘traditional’, these are our favorite ‘Ulundhu vadai’ served with Coriander chutney

Happy blogging...