A Fruit a Month - Event Announcement

A fruit a month, fondly known as AFAM, was started by Maheswari of Beyond the Usual to appreciate the goodness of fruits. This month I am proud to host this event in my blog.

As usual, let’s play the guessing game -

Ø A nutrient dense fruit
Ø It has almost twice the amount of Vitamin C when compared to orange.
Ø A fruit low in sodium and high in potassium
Ø It is an excellent source of dietary fiber
Ø It is loaded with vitamins and minerals
Ø It has a Chinese origin
Ø It shares its name with a bird!!

The last clue sure did give away the answer!!!!

Yes, the chosen one is – KIWI FRUIT!

This fruit has so much of goodness that I thought why not we try some drool-worthy recipes with it. Let us create some magic with this exotic fruit.

Here is what you have to do...

1. Prepare a vegetarian dish with kiwi fruit as the main ingredient and post it in your blog this month. [Eggs are allowed only if used in baked goods]
2. Link it to this post as well as to Maheswari’s Blog
3. Use of the logo is appreciable.
4. Send me the entries by September 30th 2009 with the following details to seduceurtastebuds@gmail.com
        Ø Your name
        Ø Blog name
        Ø Recipe name
        Ø Link to the recipe[URL]
        Ø Picture of your creation

If you have any interesting facts about this wonderful fruit, please feel free to share it with us.

Multiple entries are more than welcome

Non bloggers can also participate in this event. Just mail me your entries with the above details.

Is this fruit new to you? Here are some links where you can find some interesting recipes to try from..


Looking forward to seeing all the yummy recipes from you and a big thanks to Maheswari for giving me this lovely opportunity.