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Providing adequate nutrition for children can be a daunting task for mothers especially if the children are picky eaters.Mom's all over the world are sharing their tips and tricks to feed their children with healthy and appealing foods.

One fine day Srivalli, [of Cooking for all seasons,who also writes another wonderful blog called Spice your life] and me were chatting about blogging and the topic turned to nutrition and when I mentioned I was a dietitian ,she asked me if I could do a guest post.I readily agreed but due to some unforeseen reasons the article that was to be sent got delayed.

I finally got it done yesterday and she has been so prompt in putting it up on her blog.I invite you to read about Nutrition for children @ Spice your life,where you can also find great recipes for kids,bacholer recipes and articles onDiabetes.

Thanks Srivalli for this opportunity..

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2- Nutrients- Functions and sources
Part 3 - Tips to make food tasty and healthy