Doufu - Chinese Ingredient # 4 and an announcement

The famous ‘Cheese of Asia’ or Tofu [as it is called in Japanese] is an important part of the Chinese meal / menu.It is said that doufu is being used here for the past 2000 years!Originally from China,it spread to the neighboring countries-Japan and  Korea and later throughout the world..Doufu,as you already know, is nothing but curdled soybean milk.

The best thing about Tofu is its ‘bland’ taste. It can blend in with almost all the other foods taking in their flavor.There are many types of tofu like silken, firm, processed, dried, pickled, flavored,fried, frozen etc.

Though native to Asia,this doufu or Tofu is famous worldwide mainly due to its health benefits.

While Tofu has these many benefits, some say that it can be a cause for food allergy.

When it comes to selecting tofu,look for the fresh ines without a sour smell/taste.If it is packaged ,follow the instructions on the pack and use it before the expiry date.If it is fresh tofu keep in under water till you are ready to use and don’t forget to change the water everyday and use it within a week.

Tofu can be mixed with other food stuffs or had on its own with some sauces/seasonings like this...

Use it with veggies, gravies, milkshakes/smoothies , as a filling for chapathi/paratha ,add to soups , grill them with other foods , ..the options are innumerable

Here are some Dishes from my kitchen that uses tofu….

Garlic chives beancurd stir-fry -A chinese recipe
Strawberry tofu smoothie
Chocolatey banana tofu smoothie
Tofu bhurji
Southwestern Tofu scramble
Fried tofu fingers with black magic dip
Tofu stuffed Paratha
Tofu Peas Pulao

So how do you use tofu?Share  your ideas / tips and tricks …

Here is what you have to do...

1.Prepare a vegan / vegetarian dish with tofu as the major ingredient and blog about it.

2.Send me a mail to with the following details

3.You can send in recipes from archives as well.Just update it with a link to this post

4.Multiple entries are always welcome.

5.Leave a message in this post after you send me a mail.

6.Last date for entries -November 15th 2010

In case of doubts please don’t hesitate to contact me by mail.

Looking forward to your delicious entries….

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