Oriental Uthappam

For the final day of Blogging Marathon, I have selected this recipe under the theme '7 days of dal'.Before I go on,I just found out that this is my 100th post for the blogging marathon!!

The use of dals is not restricted to just making gravies and snacks.It can also be a centre piece in our menu like this oriental uthappam.Likewise the nutrient content of dals can be enhanced by sprouting them.Hence I combined these two factors for today's recipe.

Uthappam as you must be aware,is a thick pancake made of fermented rice and pulse combo- a thicker version of the South Indian favorite Dosa.We love to have uthappam with some topping instead of the plain ones. The toppings not only adds an excellent flavor, it is also nutritious and is more filling than the regular ones.

Do you remember the oriental curd rice post from the past?Ever since I got that pack of mixed sprouts and veggies , I have been going back for more as it is very versatile and one fine day I decided to make it a topping for uthappam.

I used:

Sprouts and vegetable mix - 1 bag,roughly chopped.The bag had bean sprouts,spring onions and carrots.
Dosa Batter
Idli / dosai Milagai Podi
Red chilli  powder and salt to taste

  1. Heat a pan and put in the chopped sprouts and vegetables.Saute it for a couple of minutes. [Cook on high flame as the mixture will ooze out water when cooked in low flame and the mixture will turn soggy and runny.]
  2. Add the chilli powder and salt and cook till the raw smell disappears.
  3. Remove from heat and keep aside.In case the mixture is watery, be sure to drain the excess water before using it as a topping.
  4. Heat a tawa / griddle and pour a ladle full of dosa batter in the centre.Do not spread the batter.
  5. Drizzle a little oil around the edges if you prefer.
  6. Once the edges start getting brown,and the top surface shows small bubbles,lower the flame and spread a little of the topping on the batter side.Sprinkle a little milagai podi to hold in the topping.Press down gently with a spatula.
  7. Gently flip it over and cook for a couple of seconds and serve immediately as such or with a side dish of your choice.

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