Garlic Dhal

Dhal is my personal favorite for chapathis.I always prepare this simple dhal as a side dish but a couple of days ago I felt the dhal would taste better if it has a pronounced garlicky flavor.It sure was a hit at dinner!!

I used:

Moong dhal - 1 cup
Tomato-1 ,chopped
Garlic-6 cloves,thinly sliced
Jeera-1 teaspoon
Red chilli powder-1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder-1/4 teaspoon
Curry leaves- a few
Oil-2 teaspoons
Salt to taste
  1. Pressure cook the moong dhal + turmeric powder with enough water for 15 minutes or till cooked.It's okay if it turns out mushy.
  2. Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a pan and put in onion and saute till transparent
  3. Next in goes the tomato and cook till mushy.
  4. Put in the cooked moong dhal[mashed lightly],red chilli powder,salt and mix well.Add water to get the desired consistency.
  5. When it comes to a rolling boil,lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes.Remove from heat and pour into a serving dish.
  6. Heat the remaining oil in a small pan and put in jeera,curry leaves and garlic slices.
  7. Saute till garlic turns golden brown.Pour over dhal.
Mix well before you serve.

Bon Appetit!!!

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