Scrumptious Delights From Leftovers - Roundup

Here is the much awaited roundup to recreate appetizing dishes from leftovers.If you are wondering how many entries we got here,there are 57 entries which will give you an idea to use the leftovers in a better way than just reheating them or throwing them away.Without further delay here is what u can do....

Leftover rice

1.Niloufer Riyaz of Kitchen Samraj -Crispy veggie Sago Vadai

2.Srividhya Ravikumar of Vidhu’s Kitchen- Dhokla

3.Sangeetha of Sangi's Food world-Carrot lemon rice - spinach lima beans rice- coconut rice

4.Deepika of My Life & Spice - Chawali

5.Sujana of Sujana's World - Spicy Fried Rice Using Leftover Rice

6.Akheela of Torviewtoronto -Coconut pittu

7.Sudeshna of Cook Like a Bong - Bhat Bhaja (Fried Rice)

8.Umm Mymoonah of Taste Of Pearl City -Mung Sprouts Appam

9.Rice crisps,Kollu paruppu podi sadham from my kitchen.

11.Nivedita of Nivedita Kitchen-Garlic Rice,Curd Rice and Chutney Rice

Leftover Idli batter / Dosa batter / Pesrittu batter / Adai batter

1,2,3.Srividhya Ravikumar of Vidhu’s Kitchen-Moong dhal paniyaram,Rava bonda,Kunukku

4.Kalva of Curry In Kadai-Chekka Idli

5.Padhu of Welcome to Padhuskitchen -Vegetable Uthappam

Leftover Chapathi /Paratha / Parotta/ Tortillas / Roti

1.Mina Joshi of Authentic Vegetarian Recipes -Vaghareli Rotli

2.Srividhya Ravikumar of Vidhu’s Kitchen-Chilly parotta

3.Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen-Chilli paratha

4.Sonal agarwal of Palate corner-Spicy veg kothu roti using leftover tortillas

5,6.Nivedita of Nivedita’s Kitchen -Chapati Poha,Jowar Rotti upma

7.Jayasree of Kailas Kitchen-Chappathi Ladoo

8.Podanichi Poli from my kitchen.

Leftover idli

1.Sana Hurzuk of Everybunny Loves Food -Masala Fried Idlis

2.Srividhya Ravikumar of Vidhu’s Kitchen-Chilli iddli

3.Denny of Oh Taste n See -Kaima Idly

4.Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen-Fried Masala Idly,Podi idli upma

5.Masala Idli from my kitchen.

Left over upma varieties

1..Srividhya Ravikumar of Vidhu’s Kitchen-Rava fingers

2,3.Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen-Vermicelli kozhukattai,Vermicelli cutlet

4.Lata Raja of Flavours and Tastes-Aval stuffed parathas

Leftover bread

1.Notyet100 of Asankhana-Bread pizza

2,3.Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen-Bread gulab jamun,Carrot bread halwa

4..Akila of Learning-to-cook-Cheese Bread Masala Dry

5.Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes-Sprouted Kala Channa, Corn & Bread Vada

Leftover vegetables / curry / dal

1.Amritha Kalyani of AK's Vegetarian Recipe World-Bonda with leftovers

2,3.Az of DesiZayeka-Burrito Inspired Open Sandwich,Dal tikki

4,5.Sayantani of A Homemaker's Diary-Baked Veg n soy Chops,Alu Methi de parathe

6.Yummy4Tummy of Yummy4Tummy-Poori & Allu for Sunday Breakfast

7.Supriya of Queen of my Kitchen-Vegetable Cutlets

8.Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes-Dahi Sago & Soya Kheema Cutlet

9.Stuffed paratha from my kitchen

Leftover sevai / idiyappam /Spaghetti

1.Mina of Authentic Vegetarian Recipes-Babpuji’s sev recipe

2.Denny of Oh Taste n See-Tomato Sevai

Left over vadas

1.Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen-vada-curry

2.Sukanya of Sukanya's Musings-Moong vada de dahi bhalle masala boondi ke sung

Leftover cake crumbs

Abbhirami Rajagopal of Soulful Creations-Chocolate crumb pie

Leftover Raita

Denny of Oh Taste n See -Raitha paratha

Leftover Pedha

Preeti of Khaugiri-Pedhyachi Poli (Stuffed pedha paratha)

 Leftover milkshake

Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen-Mixed fruit custard with a twist

Sour yogurt and leftover pickles

Sowjanya from Ruchikacooks-Arachu kalakki

Leftover kofta mix

Indrani of Recipe Junction-Vegetable patties from leftover kofta mix

I was amazed at your creativity ladies!I am glad I did this event, for now we have a whole lot of recipes to prepare with leftovers and I am sure the leftovers will never find their place in the dustbin.

Happy browsing...