Healing foods-Tomato Roundup

The roundup of Healing foods-Tomato is finally here.Bloggers all over the world have sent in delicacies ranging from soups to baked goodies.We have a treasure trove of recipes to try from.A million thanks to all my friends for taking part in this wonderful event and a special thanks to Siri for giving me the chance to host her event.Here comes the lovely entries....


1.CurryLeaf of TastyCurryLeaf - Domatesli Pirinç Çorbası-Turkish Tomato & Rice Soup,prepared with her favorite vegetable,a filling and nutritious soup.

2.Mansi of Fun and Food Cafe - Quick & Healthy Tomato Beans Soup - a fusion soup with beans and a combo of Indian and Italian herbs.

3.Jyoti of The Veggie Hut -Tomato Soup with oven roasted croutons-Her all time favorite soup that is healthy and nutritious for a healthy and quick meal.

4.Supriya of Celebrating Little Things In Life - Tomato Soup,warming winter soup with a hint of carrot.

5,6.Jay of Tasty Appetite - Tomato Soup-An indianised soup for the sick as well for babies or just about anyone who loves soups and  Tomato Veg Soup

7.Deepti Sidana of A hint of Spice - Red Soup- a vibrant soup with tomato and beets.

8.Tamatar ka shorba,Indian tomato soup from my kitchen.


1,2,3.Janet of The Taste Space Pomegranate Tabbouleh Salad ,
Wheat Berry, White Bean and Edamame Salad
,Turkish Bulgur, Pomegranate and Almond Salad

4.Nivedita of Nivedita's Kitchen -Sweet Tomato- One of her childhood sweet which she enjoys a lot.

5.Tigerfish of An Escape to Food- Broccoli with Edamame and Tomatoes,natures best cancer preventing food.

6.Amritha of AK's Vegetarian Recipe World -Sauteed tomato raitha,inspired by her m,om which turned out to be a hit.


Satyasree of Super Yummy Recipes sends two yummy snacks - Masala Pav , Cottage Cheese stuffed Tomato fritter

Rice dishes

The first rice dish that comes to mind is the Tomato rice and here are so many variations to try out...

1.Santosh Bangar of Santhosh's Kitchen -Tomato rice and tips

2.Suneetha of Suneetha's kitchen -Tomato and Paneer rice,a one pot meal with the goodness of paneer.

3.Swapna of Simple Vegetarian Recipes - Tomato Rice,which she prepared when she ran out of time to prepare lunch for her hubby.

4.Hema of Chef Hema - Royal Tomato Pulao,enriched with coconut milk.

5.Denny of Oh Taste n See- Tomato Rice,Spicy, tangy and wonderful one pot dish. Easy to cook and easy to pack for lunch too.

6.Satyasree of Super Yummy Recipes - Tomato Rice,which she prepares when she is not in a mood to cook something elaborate.

7.Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes-MW Tomato & Babycorn Pulao that is great for a potluck party as well as the lunchbox.

8.Tomato mint briyani from my kitchen.

Side dishes

1.Lissie Michael of Salt and Spice -Tomato Curry,a dish that used to be prepared by her mom.

2,3.Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes-Sprouted Black-eyed Peas & Tomato Kurma,
Aloo Toamato Kurma delicious and nutritious sides.

4.Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen - Lauki ka kofta aur kashmiri puri,restaurant style kofta curry.

5.Sowjanya of Ruchika Cooks-Cabbage Kofta,a healthy side dish without the hassle of grinding pastes and purees.

6.Lubna Karim of Yummy Food - Tomato - Potato Curry,soft potatoes cooked in red creamy tomato gravy with aromatic Indian tadka gives an delectable recipe which go with hot piping roti’s….perfect to cherish the boring dull weather.

7.Aloo Tamatar Sabzi from my kitchen

8,9.Jay of Tasty Appetite -Tomato Kurma,Tomato Masala ,perfect for crispy dosa's as well as spongy idiyappams.

10.Kalva of Curry In Kadai Broad Beans ~ Chikkudukaya Tomato Curry With Lima Beans that goes well with rice and chapathi.

11.Akheela of Torviewtoronto -Chickpeas curry that goes well with rice and roti.

12.Swapna of Simple Vegetarian Recipes -Potato Peas Curry,to go with pulao or roti

13.Anshu Paul of My mom's Recipes -Domates Dolması ( Stuffed Tomatoes),A Turkish preparation that is served as a main entree with a side or salad,inspired by her hubby and an eggplant dish at a restaurant.

14.Satyasree of Super Yummy Recipes-Brussel Sprout Curry which can also be served as an appetizer.

15.Preethi Ram of Preethi's Culinary-Tomato Mint chutney that goes well with adai and chapathi.

16.Suparna Shaligram of The Spice Rack- Tomato Chutney,a smokey hot chutney to go with dosas and uttappams

17.Supriya of Celebrating Little Things In Life-Tomato Chutney,an interesting combination of tomatoes and dates

18.G.Pavani of FoodLovers-Tomato Karam Chutney,a tasty chutney prepared by her mom for her during school and college days.

19.Az of DesiZayeka-Tomato-Garlic Chutney,a dish that she learnt Sis-in-law,their all time fav in winter.

20.Sanyukta gour(bayes)of Creative Sanyukta Sweet n Tangy Tomato Chutney that can be enjoyed with yogurt rice,pulao,stuffed paranthas,sandwich/roll spread or just with wheat tortillas.

21,22.Satyasree of Super Yummy Recipes-Indian Salsa (Tomato Onion Chutney) that doubles as a dip and Tomato Chutney

23.Sujana of Sujana's World -Garlicky Tomato Chutney that she learnt from her friend.

24.Jay of Tasty Appetite-Tomato Chutney ,a colorful chutney that kindles our tastebuds.

25,26,27.Mint coriander and Tomato chutney ,Tomato peanut chutney,Ginger tomato chutney from my kitchen.

28.Denny of Oh Taste n See -Tomato Thokku,her all purpose condiment that is a breeze to put together.

29.Sowjanya of Ruchika Cooks - Sun dried tomato thokku that also doubles as taste enhancers in gravies.

30.Preethi Ram of Preethi's Culinary- Tomato Rasam, comfort in a bowl.

31.Supriya of Celebrating Little Things In Life Pepper Rasam for wintery days that's also a home remedy for colds and sore throat too.

32,33..Nivedita of Nivedita's Kitchen-Tomato Rasam Cubes,an experiment that turned into super hit.Perfect for busy bachelors and busy moms,Tomato and Garlic Rasam(Tili saaru) her favorite food when made by her mom.

34.Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes -Sprouted Chickpeas & Tomato Rasam,a droolworthy rasam with the goodness of sprouts.

35.Satyasree of Super Yummy Recipes-Simple Tomato dal perfect with rice /Roti.

36.Sonal agarwal of Palate Corner -chunky tomato rasam,the regular rasam with a twist.

37,38.Supriya of Queen of my kitchen Tomato Saar that is prepared with coconut milk and Pomodoro Sauce for pizzas and pastas.

39.Jay of Tasty Appetite-Tomato Rasam,prepared following her mom's recipe.


1,2.Deepti Sidana of A Hint of Spice  -Gravy Masala which can be used as the base to prepare any gravy and Pizza Sauce

Main dishes

Preeti of Khaugiri-Tomato Omelet,her favorite breakfast with bread & butter.Maharashtrian people know this as Veg omelet /'tomatoche Dhirde'.

2.Niloufer Riyaz of Kitchen Samraj!-Tangy Tomato n Paneer Alphabet Pasta which is her little sons fav pasta,and loves to recognize the alphabets while eating them.

3.Janet of The Taste Space -Spanish Baked Eggs on a Red Pepper Ragout,a super delicious dish.

4.Sangeetha of Sangi's food world-Tomato poori with mushroom potato curry - A quick and easy combo for a breakfast or dinner when in mood for something tangy and spicy.

5.Denny of Oh Taste n See Tomato Sevai,that is incredibly easy to put together.

6.Tomato Dosa from my kitchen.


1.Sowjanya of Ruchika Cooks -Sun dried tomato muffin,savory muffins that tastes like a mix of pakodas and bondas.

2.Supriya of Celebrating Little Things In Life-Margarita Pizza,a popular dish at home.


Toamto juice from my kitchen.

Hope you liked the roundup....I really enjoyed going thro all the delicacies.Drop me a line if there are  any changes or if I have left out any entry.I am still working on the roundup for 'Scrumptious delights from leftovers' and it will be posted in a couple of days...

Happy browsing...