Tomato - Mint Briyani

 Last week at the farmer's market up a bunch of Mint leaves as usual.Most of the times it turns into chutney but this time I used it to make flavored rice.

I used :

Rice- 1 cup,washed
Mint leaves- 1/2 a bunch
Garlic-3 cloves,chopped
Ginger-1" piece grated
Cinnamon-1" piece
Curry leaves- a few
Mustard - 1 teaspoon
Red chillies-3
Turmerci powder- a pinch
Coriander/mint leaves to garnish
Oil-1 tablespoon
Salt  to taste

  1. In a pressure cooker heat oil and put in mustard,curry leaves,red chillies and fry till mustard pops.
  2. Put in onion,ginger,garlic,Cinnamon,turmeric powder and saute till the onion turns translucent.
  3. Put in tomato and mint leaves and saute for a minute.
  4. Add 2.5 cups water and bring to boil.[I generally use 1:3 ratio for rice.Since this dish has to be grainy,I reduced the volume of water.]
  5. Put in the rice,salt and mix well.
  6. Pressure cook for 10 minutes or till done.Take care not to over cook the rice which will make the rice mushy.
Serve with a raita of your choice or with plain yogurt.

This is for Siri's Healing foods,this month hosted here with the theme Tomato

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Bon Appetit...

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