Tomato Juice

Though summer is 'officially' over,the sun doesn't seem to let down and its still blazing hot out here.A juice /  milkshake/ice creams and sorbets are peoples choice.When I don't have the patience to go out and buy these things,the least I can do is to make some fresh juice at home.A simple and chilled tomato juice not only beats the heat but on regular use keeps your skin glowing too.Not only that,it is a good source of Lycopene , Potassium and Vitamin C .Tomato juice must be avoided when there is gall bladder problem.

I use:

Ripe Tomatoes
Chilled water
Chaat masala
Sugar,Salt and Pepper to taste

There are no actual measurements.Go by your taste.Quarter tomatoes and puree them with water,salt,sugar.
Strain and add more water if required.Pour into glasses and sprinkle pepper powder and  chaat masala and serve.As simple as that!

Bon Appetit...

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