Yangmei | Chinese Bayberry Fruit

The pictures for this post have been sleeping in my drafts for almost 3 years! [Can you see the date on the package].I wanted to write about this but kept postponing it until today..

Y- Yangmei
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This is one of the fruits that we loved to eat when we lived in China and it was only available during a particular season.And when it was in season, we used to buy boxes and boxes of this fruit and eat it like there was no tomorrow!!!

Yangmei is also called Chinese bayberry  / Japanese Bayberry/Yumberry/and even Chinese strawberry. It goes by the Botanical name -Myrica rubra.

It is a sub tropical tree an produces this crimson to dark red colored fruit.

This tree is native to Asia, mainly China and is said to have been cultivated there for over 2000 years!

The fruit is a mixture of tastes actually. It is sweet but not too sweet. It is tart but not overly so.It is very juicy and totally yum!

It is a healthy fruit rich in anti oxidants ,minerals and  vitamins.

When we visited the Ling Shan Buddha Temple near Wuxi,China, it was pouring. I was very disappointed to go out in such a climate. Yet we did armed with umbrellas and raincoats. We were returning from the Movie set place in Wuxi and had to stop for lunch near the temple.

We had a very quick lunch as there was almost no vegetarian option except steamed rice and some stir fried vegetables. I did not have the patience to ask the chef for more vegetarian options. So Hubby and myself came out to catch some fresh air while the driver was having a very hearty lunch.

This was the site in front of me....

Can you see the Buddha there above the water mark.It was so rainy and foggy that I felt so disheartened. But something nearby changed my mood!

An elderly lady came there to take shelter from the rain and she had two huge baskets of this Bayberry. We were over joyed.Our moods lightened and we relieved the lady of her load and all of us went back happy :)

This is the Ling Shan Buddha statue after we went a little nearer to it. The statue weighs 700 tons and you have to climb 217 steps to get a close look!

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