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If there was one alphabet that I struggled to make up my mind with in this A-Z series of Blogging Marathon, then it is definitely the letter 'Q'. I wanted to make Quesadilla but I knew it was on someone's list .So I jumped over to Qabuli Briyani - a one pot meal of channa dal and rice with a wonderful blend of spices.Again I jumped to Qurbani ka meeta but I forgot to buy the ingredients.I did not want to do a kurma with a Q....And then I settled on this recipe that was both easy to make and fitted the bill too....

Q - Qahwa Arabia 
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I am a huge coffee fan and while reading up some recipes I found that the Arabians were also fond of their coffee.

For 1000's of years this concoction has played a major role in the region. Right from being a drink to help keep the Sufi monks awake during the nightly prayers to becoming a sign of welcome, generosity and sophistication, this drink is the most popular one in the Middle East.

It was interesting to read that many a blood feud,marriages,contracts were settled over a cup of Qahwa!

Before I go on to the recipe I must warm you that this is a very strong concoction and cannot be served like how I have displayed it here. If you love coffee very, very much and and don't mind the strength, then you are most welcome to try it like this :)

Usually this coffee is served in small cups without a handle and the coffee just covers the base of the cup. I read that since this coffee is served piping hot, the patrons will have to wait a long time before a whole cup cool and they begin to enjoy.So when served small quantities, they can enjoy it without having to wait for it to cool down. Since the quantity served each time is less, several helpings can be called for.

The coffee does not have sugar and this coffee is served with Dates.The bitterness of the coffee is balanced by the sweetness from the dates!

Actually there is no recipe for this one ,so I will just tell you how it is made...

Ground coffee powder is preferred and the amount used depends on the strength you prefer.For a weak concoction use 1/2 teaspoon for 250ml water, 1 teaspoon/250ml water for medium strength and for a strong coffee use 1 1/2 teaspoons / 250ml.Or just add the quantity that you like adjusted to your preferred strength.

Usually a Dallah is used to make this Arabic coffee. It is a metal pot with a long spout made and used specifically for this purpose. Since this is not available here, boil 250 ml water in a pan/ pot. Once it boils, remove from flame, let it cool off for 30 seconds and add the desired quantity of coffee powder.Place the vessel back on the stove and bring down the heat to low.Stir occasionally and let it simmer.Do not let the coffee boil over or rise.Turn off the flame after two minutes and serve immediately with Sweet Arabic Dates.

There are many versions of this coffee.Some add saffron and cardamom. And there are quite a few brands that sell flavored blends.Some prefer to add a sweetener and some add a dash of milk.

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