Diet in Pregnancy

As with any condition, special care has to be taken during pregnancy. The diet or the food that is taken during pregnancy ,in many ways, affects the lil one inside the tummy. The ' effect' can be positive which means the food that is taken in by the mother helps in the growth of the baby and in some cases can be negative- meaning- the food can cause harm to the baby.Since the nutrients and most of the other substances that the mom consumes passes on to the fetus,an expectant mom has to watch what she is eating.

Some of the Symptoms of pregnancy may affect the food intake but understanding the need for the right choice of food and meal planning is a key to healthy pregnancy. During the first trimester , nausea, vomiting , lack of appetite,etc may prevent you from eating anything at all. Some women have severe vomiting and they may even lose a little weight. It is okay as long as the gynecologist knows your condition. Always discuss with her the intake problems like dislike towards certain tastes and smells, nausea, vomiting, food aversion etc so that the gynecologist can assess you for malnutrition / deficiency.

When you are feeling well enough to eat, try to include a little from these food groups in your daily meal.

Being a vegetarian does not mean that you will be malnourished or suffer from any Vitamin / Mineral deficiency. Talk to your Dietitian / gynecologist and if need you may be given supplements. Never take any supplement on your own. It may do more harm than good.

Here is a list of food stuffs that are better to be avoided as it may be harmful for the mother and the fetus.
While preparing food, remember the following
What to discuss with your Gynecologist / Dietitian regarding food / diet

Don't hesitate to clear your doubts regarding the following...
Eating small frequent meals help if you are suffering from nausea / lack of appetite. A healthy weight gain is very essential during this period.

Always remember that each pregnant women is different and their body condition and needs vary. Catch hold of a friend or join a 'pregnancy group' for support / discussion or to share your fears / joys.
Disclaimer : This post is written to be a guideline and is not a medical advice. For further doubts and clarification consult your Dietitian / Gynecologist.

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