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This category has been silent for longer than intended.Finally I had time to actually sit and write this post.Today we shall see the changes that take place in the body during pregnancy.

From the time of conception,even before you really realize that you are pregnant, the body undergoes several changes .When I say changes, I am going to talk about the changes in the mothers body and later in my next post will deal about the changes the lil one undergoes inside mommy's tummy from conception till birth.

Pregnancy typically lasts for 40 weeks counting from the first day of the woman's last menstrual cycle.This duration is divided into 3 parts which are called Trimesters.During each trimester the body undergoes certain changes.Changes are not only physical as the pregnant woman may experience some emotional changes too.

1.Fatigue : Most women feel tired than usual during the early days of pregnancy / first trimester.This may be due to the hormone levels that are raising in the body preparing you for the motherhood. The other reasons may be that your body is producing more blood to carry the nutrients to the fetus.The heart tries to cope with with the extra blood flow and quickens the pulse.The body also changes its way of using the nutrients like carbohydrates, water, protein , fat etc and all these together compound to the fatigue you may experience.

Apart from all these stuffs going on inside the body, emotions too play a role in causing fatigue.Certain feelings like how to accommodate the new born into the family / caring for it / looking for a care giver / do you need to continue the job now and later after the baby is born / anxiety of  labor / concern of the expenses that will be incurred / your health post delivery etc, may cause more worry even though you and your partner may be over joyed at the prospect of being pregnant.These feelings , worries and concerns are quite normal even though you have planned the pregnancy and it shall soon pass off.

How to combat fatigue

Exercise is one way getting the energy back.Exercise does not mean working out in the gym for a few hours. A small walk around your house will do.If you don't have the stamina to walk during the first few months of pregnancy,just take it easy.You can always go for a walk when you are feeling better.Please remember to consult your Physician before you start any exercise ,even if its walking.

Eat the right amount of food with the right nutrients.In other words, a well balanced diet is essential.Though you may not feel hungry try to eat as nutritious as possible.Fatigue will be accentuated if you are anemic.Discuss your diet with your Doctor or Dietitian.

Avoid drinking too much of fluids after dinner.This will disturb your much needed sleep as you will have to make frequent trips to the rest room at night.During the day it is wise to drink a variety of liquids to keep yourself hydrated especially if you are prone to the vomiting that occurs in the first trimester.

2.Headaches and Dizziness : For some women, dizziness may be the first symptom of pregnancy.The uterus swells and it compresses arteries in the legs. This drops the blood pressure and make you dizzy. Other reasons may include hunger, stress and fatigue.

The frequency and severity of the headache will vary from person to person.It may not be experienced by some!

Headaches and dizziness may be due to the circulatory or hormonal changes in the body.But if it is persistent it is always wise to consult the Doctor.So if there is a migraine like headache that does not reduce in intensity and there are frequent fainting spells don't hesitate to rush to the hospital.

Though headaches and dizziness is common during pregnancy, head ache / dizziness followed by vaginal bleeding / severe abdominal pain may be related to ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy is a condition where the pregnancy takes place outside the uterus and it is a life threatening situation for the mom and medical attention has to be sought as soon as possible.

Also see the Doctor if there is blurring of vision accompanied with headache.

How to combat headache / dizziness:

If the headache and dizziness is due to the normal changes that take place due to pregnancy here is what you can do...

There are several more points to be discussed.Since this post is getting lengthy, I will continue the remaining in the forth coming posts so be sure to check back...

Disclaimer : This is not a  medical advise.In case you have some doubts / persistent health issues please talk to your Doctor...

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