Changes In The Body During Pregnancy - 3

Apart from the changes we saw in the last couple of posts, here are the rest of them...

6. Backaches : This is a common complaint in most woman.The growing uterus puts a strain on your back muscles and changes the posture.Also the weight gained during pregnancy adds to the trouble...
7.Lower abdomen pain : As the baby grows in the womb, the uterus expands and ligaments around the uterus are stretched.This may be seen as lower abdominal pains , sharp pain in the abdomen, dull aches.This is usually felt in the second trimester or later

If you have abdomen pain that persists consult your Doctor immediately as it is a sign of ectopic pregnancy where the pregnancy takes place outside the uterus and is a life threatening situation.Miscarriage / pre-term labor may be a cause. If the abdomen pain is accompanied with spotting / dizziness / fever rush to the hospital.

8.Hemorrhoids : this is a condition where the veins of the rectum swell and become painful.This occurs in women who are constipated.When straining during bowel evacuation, this condition may worsen.Hemorrhoids usually disappear after the baby is born.

9. Indigestion : It is also referred to as Heartburn.This  has nothing to do with the heart though. It is a condition where there is a burning sensation in the stomach and it rises up till the throat.It occurs when the digested food from the stomach,which contain acid, is pushed upwards from the stomach.The reasons may be due to the hormonal changes in the body, slow digestion and the muscle that normally prevents the digested food from returning back relaxes.

10. Nose bleeds : This occurs in very few women during the 2nd / 3rd trimester.The membranes in the nose dry out and bleed easily.This may be accompanied by a stuffy nose.
11.Insomnia : As the abdomen gets larger, it becomes difficult to fall asleep. Also the anxiety of labor and thoughts of coping up with the new born and other worries often give a sleepless night for expectant moms.

12.Shortness of breath : This usually occurs in the third trimester when the abdomen gets bigger.The uterus is growing in size and squeezes all the other organs in the abdominal activity.It pushes the digestive organs up till the lungs.This limits the capacity of the lungs to expand fully and causes shortness of breath.This stage passes once the baby is delivered.

13. Numb / tingling sensation : As the uterus grows, it rests on some nerves that lead to the legs.Pressure on these nerves may cause a numb/ tingling sensation.This condition reverses once the baby is born and is usually not considered serious.
Disclaimer :This is not a medical advise. Please consult your Physician if you have any doubts / persistent health problems.

That's all for today folks.See you really soon with another topic on pregnancy ...

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