Jeeraga Kashayam - Digestive drink from your kitchen

We often indulge into all those yummy foods and finally feel that we should have stopped when that 'little voice ' within us was screaming that the tummy was full.When I was pregnant I used to eat all the goodies that mom prepared and also that were lovingly sent across by my kind neighbors and friends.I was desperate to put on weight and also had to be cautious and eat healthy.

Sometimes I used to gobble up the delish dishes and feel that my tummy was wayyy to full.That's when mom used to prepare an easy digestive drink.This can be taken in place of water and in a while you are sure to be relieved of all the bloating and fullness.In a few hours you will feel light and will be ready for the next meal.

Sangeeth is hosting Eat healthy during pregnancy event and I thought this drink will be useful to the mom's - to- be in case they overeat like me :)

You need:

Jeera/Cumin seeds-1.5 tablespoons
Water-500 ml

The procedure is very simple.

  1. Heat a pan and dry roast the cumin seeds till you get a nice aroma and the cumin seeds brown.Take care not to char them.
  2. Pour in the water .[Take care since the pan will be very hot and when you pour in cold water it will splutter.]
  3. Simmer and boil for a around 10 minutes.The water will turn yellowish.
  4. Remove from fire,strain ,cool slightly or drink hot.
If you feel the jeera water is bitter add some more plain water.It is a matter of personal taste.Keep the strained cumin seeds and add more water and boil and use the cumin seeds till they lose flavor.Don't keep the strained cumin seeds overnight and also discard them if you are not comfortable re-using them.

This remedy is not only for mom's-to-be,anyone who has digestion problems can drink this.

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