Fruit And Nut Custard

After treating my family with an overdose of Figs and dates for the past one week, I decided to make a simple custard for the final day of Blogging Marathon.Fruit custard is one of the first desserts that I started making on my own when I was in school.

There is no specific recipe here so I am just writing what I did here. You can add or omit any ingredient according to your taste or availability.

Here is what I did....

Boil half a liter milk and simmer it. Meanwhile make a paste of 3 teaspoon of custard powder with a few teaspoons of milk and add to the simmering milk along with 3 teaspoons of sugar. Increase the flame and in 2 minutes, the mixture will thicken.Let it cool. Fold in chopped fruits and nuts and serve chilled.

Lil Angel enjoying her spoonful of custard....
You can use any fruit of your choice. The ones best suited are apples, mango,pineapple, segmented orange, grapes, cherries, strawberries,pomegranate,banana etc.

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For this month's edition of blogging marathon,I chose the theme ' Cooking With Fruits' and here is what I prepared...

Day - 1 -Figs Dates Roll
Day - 2 - Homemade applesauce
Day - 3 - Dried Fruits Milkshake
Day - 4 - Sugarless Dates Laddu
Day - 5 - Sugarless Dates- Figs Kheer
Day - 6 - Eggless Cherry Biscuits
Day - 7 - Fruit and Nut Custard [ Recipe above]

Bon Appetit...

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