Gone Nuts Over Coconut - Let's Go Nuts Event Roundup!

This month, blogosphere went nuts over coconut for Aqua’s event – Lets Go Nuts! and here are the delicacies that were churned out from the various blogs...

We have a whooping 50 dishes from all over the world and that means we have plenty of dishes to try from.

Let us start off with the basics of extracting coconut milk which can be used in gravies, curries and sauces. PJ has the procedure to prepare this here Coconut Milk. Now there is no need to depend on the store brought ones. This coconut milk also goes as a side-dish for South Indian breakfasts like Aapam.

Now it is time to drool over the goodies...

Talk about comfort food and Aqua is sure to mention Tomato Saar - her ultimate comfort food!!

Coconut based breakfasts are a delight...

Preeti’s Dadpe Pohe is a simple, spicy non-fried snack from Maharastra.

Shoba’s Wholesome Coconut Sevai is full of flavor where she uses a different ingredient for seasoning.

Saraswathis’s Thengai Sevai is a variation from her favorite coconut rice and is a quick breakfast.

Jaya’s Sol Kadi which she says, brought back so many fond memories.

Sadhana’s Coconut Quinoa is guilt free dish packed with protein.

Varsha’s Sanna Polo is an authentic south cannara recipe and it can also be served as a side dish for lunch or dinner!

We have heard about the regular dosai but Shanthi introduces us to Thengai Dosai

With such an array of breakfast goodies, we have some delicious side dishes as well.

Lata’s Coconut Thogayal is her hubby favorite and can be used as a side-dish with rice.

Shoba recreates Easy Coconut Chutney which she tasted at a restaurant

Deepika gives a twist to the regular chutney with Cumin flavored Coconut Chutney

Preeti says she loves Coconut Chutney as a side dish with anything and obviously this is her favorite!!

Virsa is a Karnataka dish says Deepika and a good accompaniment for idli’s and dosa’s

Jisha gives us a two recipes with a touch of kerala cuisine - Vegetable Stew and Vegetable Kurma

Shri’s Navy Beans in Coconut Gravy is a tasty blend of coconut, veggies and beans

Meera’s Roasted Garlic Chutney adds color and flavor to your palette

PJ’s Kothamira Perugu Pachadi come straight from Andra to tickle ur tastebuds...

Ramki has 10 Simple South Indian Curries and 1001 Coconut Chutneys, all in one single page!!!

Veggies taste best with a dose of coconut. Here are a few recipes that prove it..

Sadhana’s Eggplant Curry which uses peanut and makes the dish all the more tasty.

All time favorite potatoes paired with coconut - Raaji’s Coconut Aloo Fry

PJ’s Keerla Sukke, a tasty bite with bamboo shoots from the konkan cuisine

When in need of a simple and quick yet flavorful meal we can turn to these,...

Deepika’s Aubergine and Rice with Spice is a spicy dish with home-made masala and her MIL’s favorite!!

Lubna’s Coconut Rice which like her blog, reflect “fast to cook, good to eat”

PJ’s Simple Coconut Rice that can be prepared in a jiffy.

Coriander Coconut Rice from PJ is for the lazy as well as busy days with a hint of spices and a blend of coriander and coconut.

Graziana’s Coconut Rice with Peanut Butter and Curry Plant” is one of her classic dishes!!

Preethi’s Pulao with Coconut Milk is a flavorful dish with a medley of vegetables

Anyone for desserts???

Nivedita’s Instant Coconut Halwa is a ‘must try‘ when you are in need of a quick dessert.

Lata’s Easy Adai Payasam is a recipe from her kind neighbour.

PJ’s Coconut Payasa is a quick dessert.

Shanthi shares her mom’s recipe for Thengai Paal which is prepared for festive occasions

EC’s Coconut Kheer is a delight to the tastebuds

Sudha’s Red Bean Jelly is more than a visual treat!!!

Deepti’s Sooji Halwa is an Indian pudding with Semolina!

Yasmeen has sent us Dodol, a south east Asian delicacy

Johanna’s Banana and Coconut Cupcakes are gluten free and nut free! [No! not ‘coconut-free’, she meant the ‘other type of nut’-free]

Priya’s Eggless Oats Coconut and Dates Cookies are low fat and egg less yet crunchy delicious and nutritious

Sheeba’s Choconut Pudding is an exotic blend of chocolate and spices with coconut.

Saranya got the recipe for Sweet Kozhakattai from her mom which she says are prepared during festive times.

Want to involve the kids in the kitchen?Then try Vyshnavi’s Paal Kolukattai

Allery mom’s Coconut Sweet Balls is a treat to kids [and adults] with nut allery!

Muskaan’s Sweet Coconut Balls are a thing to die for-the picture speaks for itself..

Rekha’s Coconut Burfi is her favorite amongst the coconut based desserts

Sowmya says that her Coconut Burfi can be prepared with minimal ingredients and they taste great when served at room temperature.

Sukanya’s Coconut Icecream brought back the memories from her collage days.

Soma’s Vegan Ice-cream with Coconut Cherry and Almond is a blast of flavors and it’s the one to try even if you don’t have an ice-cream maker.

A vietnamese dessert from PJ - Banana in rich Coconut Sauce

Isnt it an impressive array of goodies? Hope you liked it... Do try them out and experience the wonders of coconuts on your palette.