Newly weds are frequently invited for feasts by the relatives and we were no exception.The visit to my SIL's place is unforgettable!!Since we were invited to stayed with them for a couple of days,I was delighted at the thought of tasting some awesome Andra dishes.

On our arrival,after the routine enquires of well-being,we were served breakfast.Hungry that I was,I was drooling at the sumptuous spread on the table.Plate laid-out and waiting for the dishes to appear on it,I waited to be served.

Fluffy and hot iddlis,3 varieties of chutnies,chappathi,Veggie Kurma,..... and before I could complete my inspection,I was served iddlis and a beautifully red chutney dripping with oil!!How yumm it looked.

The first bite brought tears to my eyes.Thanks to the spicy Andra red chilli chutney.Coughing and teary-eyed I looked at my hubby who seemed to be enjoying the breakfast and even failed to notice my plight!For a girl who is used to using a couple of chillies in the dishes,this chutney proved too much.

SIL noticed my misery and put an end to it in her further preparations and saved my tears!!Any time I hear the word Andra cuisine,all I can recollect is the fiery red chilli chutney!!!

But what I am going to prepare for the RCI Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine is not the chutney that made me cry,but a subtler flavor that I love, made using an ingredient I adore!!!

Kothimira[Coriander] perugu[Curd] pachadi is a kind of chutney/raita that goes well with all types of briyanis.It is also very simple to prepare and when you run short of veggies for raita ,this one comes in handy.

You need:

Coriander leaves,cleaned - 1 cup

Coconut,grated-1/4 cup

Green chillies-2

Thick curds - 2 cups or a little extra

Salt- to taste

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon

Jeera-1 teaspoon

Urad dhal,split - 1/2 teaspoon

Curry leaves- a few

Red chilli,broken into bits - 2

Oil -2 teaspoons

1.Grind coriander leaves,coconut,green chillies to a fine paste.Do not add water but ,sprinkle water if required.

2.Beat the curd well.

3.Transfer the ground paste to a serving dish and add the beaten curd,salt and mix well.Adjust the curd to suit your taste.

4.Heat oil and add mustard seeds and when they crackle, add urad dhal, jeera,red chilli bits,curry leaves and pour over the curd mixture after the dhal turns brown.

5.Mix well and serve with rice of your choice.

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