Cooking For Me And Me Alone

No folks,I'm not being selfish...I love to cook for anyone who loves good food.But I thought of what I would cook for myself after seeing Lubna's announcement -Rendezvous with kitchen flavours -Scrummy Sunday Showcase ,I listed out a few of them.Like she said,we all love cooking favorites for our families but never think of preparing something 'special' for ourselves.

So,here are five of my favorite food stuffs that I can indulge upon anytime!!!

1. Happala karadha Payasa- A sweet dessert from my hometown.

2. Thayir vadai-Fried lentil dumpling in Yoghurt.

3. Curd rice-Yoghurt n rice garnished with goodies.

4. Baby brinjal in tangy sauce-A low fat version of traditional 'Ennai Kathirikkai'.

5. Potato crisps-Crisp potato wafers,who would'nt love them!!!

There are many more,but Lubna has asked for 5, so I will stop with this...