My all time favorite snack is going to be a part of EC's WYF Salad/Starters/Soups .

You need:

Ulundhu vadai
Thick Curds
Ginger - a small piece
Green chilli - to taste
Coriander- to garnish
Boondhi/Sev to garnish

  1. Grind the ginger and green chilli to a fine paste
  2. Mix this paste with the thick curd and chill.
  3. Immerse the vadai in hot water.
  4. Take out immediately and squeeze out the water.
  5. Place it on a serving dish.
  6. Pour a generous helping of the chilled curd
  7. Garnish with coriander leaves and Boondi/sev
  8. Roasted nuts can also be used as a garnish.

If you don't have vadai but still want to eat thayir vadai,here is another easy snack that tastes almost similar-Bread thayir vadai.

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