PJ's Mystery Files # 1

Let's play a mystery game..

Last week I went the new farmers market that has been opened near our place.So much of fresh produce!!I was super excited seeing the fresh fruits and veggies and went around buying a whole load of vegetables.

In one of the shops I saw this vegetable and the elderly lady of the shop said it was good for the body.The vegetable was new to me but the word healthy made me buy it without a second thought.

I guessed something and it turned out to be totally different..

Can you guess the vegetable?You have 3 days to tell me what it is and I promise you 3 delicious and colorful dishes with this mystery vegetable...

Updated:A few of my friends got it correct.Yes, it is purple radish and here are a few dishes that I prepared with this colorful vegetable

Purple radish paratha

Purple radish chutney / relish

Bon Appetit...