Chocolatey Banana Tofu Smoothie

I am becoming a huge fan of Tofu!Every time I visit the farmer's market,I buy a block of tofu and try to create something with it.Usually it goes into the side dish but yesterday I made this smoothie!

I used:

Silken Tofu - 3 tablespoons
Banana-1,small,roughly chopped
Chocolate flavored condensed milk-2 tablespoons
Soy milk-100 ml[Adjust to your prefered consistency.I like mine thick]

Blend all the ingredients till smooth and serve.[I like it a little chunky so I added a couple of chopped bananas into the smoothie.]

This goes to the No-cook event hosted here.

Here are some recipes with tofu

Garlic chives beancurd stir-fry
Tofu bhurji
Fried tofu fingers with black magic dip

Bon Appetit!!

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