Homemade Curd / Yogurt

I can never imagine a meal without curd.Sometimes I can even use it as a side dish for breakfast/ dinner dishes if there is nothing else available.And as for the cooling raitas prepared with the curds, I can eat it as a meal. My love for curd is so much that I have a separate place for it in the recipe index - Yumm Yogurt .Do I need anymore points to prove my love for this delicious thing!!

The health benefits of yogurt are aplenty and mighty impressive!Here are a few that I found interesting...

To prepare yogurt at home just follow these simple steps.[This is what I do]
Use the fresh yogurt to prepare Khadi , raitas, smoothies,lassi,flavored /fruit yogurt,avial etc and the sour curd can be used to marinate green chillies to prepare Sundried chillies .

Check out Yumm Yogurt which has more than 40 curd/yogurt based recipes.

Selection of yogurt:

In case you are not able to make this at home, here are a few things that can be considered before buying it from the store...

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This Day That Year...

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Bon Appetit...

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