Low Calorie Bread Thayir Vadai

My favorite snack is Thayir vadai and I love to have it at any time of the day. Then once there was a loaf of bread waiting to be used and I made Bread thayir vadai with it and liked it too.The normal loaf of bread that I used the first time imparted a little sweetness to the dish which I felt was okay but I wanted one that had no sweetness,even if it was just a hint.

Then I came up with a version that would not be high in calories yet be flavorful to the taste buds.I used whole wheat bread and my problem was solved.Yummy thayir vadai without a hint of sweetness and delightfully less of calories too.I have used  yogurt made from low fat milk so that it can be served to diabetics and to people who are watching their weight.

Actually this gets done in no time if you have bread and curd ready.

I used:

Brown bread slices
Yogurt made from low fat milk, slightly beaten
Ginger- green chilli paste
Cumin seeds,mustard seeds ,curry leaves,oil to season

Salt to taste
Boondhi to garnish.[You can also use a little grated carrot instead of boondhi]
Coriander leaves,chopped to garnish

  1. Dip the bread slice  in water and squeeze out the water by placing the bread slice between your palms.
  2. Shape it into balls and keep aside.
  3. Repeat for the other slices also.If you feel that 1 slice is not enough ,use 2 slices per serving.
  4.  Heat a little oil for seasoning and put in mustard,cumin and torn curry leaves.When it crackles pour into beaten curd.This step is optional.
  5. Add salt,ginger green chilli paste to the curd and mix well.
  6. When ready to serve, place a bread ball on a serving tray, pour the curd over it and serve garnished with boondi and coriander leaves.

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